Level with Knytt Stories tileset. That game has a lot of neat graphics I might use on my later levels. The goal is to find all raocoins.

This level is reserved for the second episode.

Stuff to do:

Knytt Stories references.



Opus #1:



Levels like this is why I wish SMBX had a dragon coin counter. Maybe see if you can implement one for this level, or maybe even for the entire game, but I digress. Fix the music metadata (Artist/Title/Album) and you're good to go. -SAJewers | 18:38 ADT, November 6, 2015

Reject conditionally - This level is super neat and it's rather sad that I have to reject this on minor technicalities. Firstly, both pieces of music need to be turned into OGG format. Secondly, the first NPC has a typo that needs to be fixed e.g. glimb needs to become climb. Thirdly, although someone may need to weigh in on this one, it's not 100% clear that you have to return to the beginning of the level - I personally didn't have a problem because I went in a big counter-clockwise first time round, so I was close enough to figure it out, but going clockwise might cause a problem. Anyway, fix the first two problems and I'll change my verdict to approve - Ztarwuff 12/11/2015

Approved by Pyro

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