• Maker: CloudyCloud
  • Updated Last: June 26, 12:05AM(GST+8) : I have updated a critical problem inside the version dated at around 23 June.

Well, this is sorta an action puzzle without any action and puzzle inside: At least nothing unique inside. It is quite a mix-and-match level mixing a lot of stuff inside without really having a theme.

This is kinda a bonus type of room.(a zebra-space level?)

  • Difficulty: Medium
  • Exit: SMB3 leek
  • Music used: The Centennial Festival for Magical Girls (Touhou 6 extra stage theme)



A Note Thing(ANT)

Updated at 26/6, 12:12AM, GST+8

  • Lower path is entirely erased off(if you have played versions dated before this one, you know what I mean), as I think the lower path could be a separate level.
  • Only Demo and Iris.(It is playable by Raocow, but I intend to give Raocow a stage which features only him, so I only allow Demo and Iris for this)
  • There is filtering at the beginning, so don't get surprised when I give out two fire flower and a cat Ilama straight away: there is no free lunch under the sun.(This should filter all the game breaking power-up out, like ice, hammer.)
  • If you encountered life-farming problem at the end, it were not intended: please let me know.
  • This is an uneventful level: there is no layer and event at all, despite being called "festival" at name.
  • Since the version(Dated 23/6, 12:15), I have changed almost all the blocks from rock to some tiles that look better. so if you have the old version and play this version or future version, you may be surprised.
  • This has been renamed from UntitledYet to Vertical Festival, and now this has changed name to Vertical Radish Festival.(Well, the name suggested that I gave quite a lot of radish-power-up inside.)
  • And though I felt that I have more to write, I forgot already. lol

Judging: Reserved for judges

Rejected by me. Too hard for wrong reasons. Holy's video review made some good points. -Willhart.

Rejected by me now that I'm an official judge. There's too much wrong. If the user wants to try to fix it, he can, but there would need to be a from-the-ground-up rewrite to make it passable. Please see my comments below. Horikawa Otane (talk) 20:59, July 2, 2013 (UTC)

(This can now be moved since it has 3 rejected votes)