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Uncle Broadsword (full name Augustus Leopold Broadsword III Esq.) is one of the uncles of Demo, Iris, and their siblings. He, along with his brothers, will serve as an antagonist in Episode 2.


Back in his prime, Uncle Broadsword was a renowned roguish adventurer who would often compete with other ABCD treasure hunters and became somewhat infamous for his get-rich-quick schemes. He still travels throughout time and space in search of wealth and adventure, but he does so to a lesser degree in favor of staying in closer contact with his brothers.


Broadsword is a dramatic and ambitious individual who refuses to settle for the dull drudgery of the common working space demon. He fancies himself a cultured gentleman and a good sport, but he isn't always completely in sync with others' thoughts and feelings.

Nonetheless, Broadsword can be very loyal and trusting, and he is stubbornly protective of those he cares about.


Broadsword is a skilled and agile swordsman who carries his treasured blade Brynhilde with him at all times. He is also quite crafty and resourceful when the occasion calls for it and is one of the few ABCDs to unlock the true potential of headwear.



His favorite niece. When she was a teenager, Broadsword brought Demo along with him on his adventures, possibly due to her ultra-absorbent body serving as a convenient means of storing large quantities of gold. Whenever the two cross paths nowadays, Broadsword likes to share tales of his exploits with her.


While Broadsword does care about Iris he still largely neglects her in favor of Demo, often giving her lame Christmas presents and forgetting her name, just referring to her as "Demo's sister" or "Green Demo". She resents him for this, but he's completely oblivious to this fact and thinks she's as fond of him as Demo is.

Uncle Rewind

Broadsword never had much of a personal relationship with Rewind but he always admired the latter's technological prowess.

Uncle @sbestos

While Broadsword doesn't think much of @sbestos, he generally takes pity on his brother-in-law and tries to humor his attempts to bond with the other Uncles. He also used to take @sbestos with him on adventures but stopped doing so after having to rescue @sbestos from improbable peril on several occasions.

Uncle Pumpernickle

Broadsword respects and trusts Pumpernickel as an equal.

Uncle Denmark

Broadsword and Denmark were occasional partners in crime back in their wilder days. Though they have since drifted apart, Broadsword still considers Denmark a good friend.


Broadsword first appeared as a playable character for SMBX2, though his debut is as a primary antagonist in A2XT Episode 2.


As a playable character, Broadsword controls like a combination of Link/Sheath and Mario/Demo, featuring sword attacks like the former and the platforming physics of the latter, and he can perform several unique attacks including a three-hit combo and downward lunge from the air.

In place of the standard Mario powerups or the other ASMT characters' vegetables, Broadsword wears various hats to augment his and his sword's powers.

A2XT Episode 2

Broadsword will be a major antagonist in Episode 2, working as the leader of the uncles.



  • Broadsword was the first uncle created by raocow, originating as "Uncle Greatsword" during a tangent about a family of weapons in his Super Talking Time Bros 2.5 playthrough. [1] Broadsword received his current name when raocow referenced the joke again in Variety of Chance. [2]
  • The name of Broadsword's signature golden sword was taken from a level made by Kil for the Make a Good Level X2 contest. Broadsword himself makes an appearance in the level and tells Demo to keep here eye out for a red sword that grants incredible power while the level itself refers to Brynhilde as "the golden blade [passed] down through time". [3][4]



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