Learn how to play as every character!


Graphics: Redyoshi Pack

Music: Hurrican



I approve, but the music doesn't work for me except for the ending.  I don't know why.  Also Sheath doesn't need bombs to break that kind of block.  Also what's up with the extra rooms that I see in the editor?


The extra rooms are from an eariler version. They're not needed anymore. Dunno why the music doesn't work for you. Thanks for mentioning that. -SAJewers | 20:35 ADT, July 8, 2013

Approved with changes. A nice tutorial that does a nice job of showing the quirks of the characters. However, you should really place a "real" character filter at the end of every section that forces you to switch characters. Otherwise, it's possible to sequence break alot of places using the cape. For example:

Note: This is -not- Kood.

Also, the Demo filter at the end can just be jumped over by Sheath. So yeah. EDIT: OH, and the music doesn't work for me either, which is weird, because I can't find anything wrong with the file formatting or the level settings... -Cjn14 (talk) 20:36, July 16, 2013 (UTC)

Yeah, the music doesn't work for me as well. I even tried to rename the music file to "music.mp3" and it still didn't work. There also a lot of item and character filters you can pass in the level, mainly the ones where you can climb over the ceiling. Also, there's another leek in the extra rooms that you're not using. I would get rid of it if you're not going to use it. Other than that this level is pretty basic. Approved with changes.

-sturgyman 7:07 PM 7/17/2013 (MDT)

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