The Level with No Theme Whatsoever by Kibbles


This level was made in 3 hours during a livestream. This is the second level by Kibbles.

There is one exit to this level.

There are 4 Raocoins. The first coin located above the start of the level wihich can be accessed by jumping on the flying red koopas near the start. The second coin is located near the end of the fire section and can't be missed. The third coin is located on the above-ground section above three boxes about halfway through the level. The last coin is located in the room with all the nintendo characters is found under the sign.

When you enter the room with the nintendo characters in the ghosthouse, you must jump into Link to continue.

There is only one leek on this level.


This level starts out with invisible coin blocks traps over lava and doesn't seem to get any better from there. There's a ghost house transition for no reason. The entire level seems to be base on kaizo, and is the antithesis of how people should design level for this series. Septentrion Euchoreutes (talk) 01:45, July 15, 2013 (UTC)

Just a note that you shouldn't place a level in the rejected pile until 3 people have rejected it, unless it does something that's a huge no-no (like no blue boot filtering, or multiple midpoints). Will agree that this level shuld be rejected for being seemingly random.

Darkchoa played this and thought it was the worst thing ever. You can see how bad it was in his stream which he just posted. It has more problems than just randomness. There's definately as "so bad it's worthless" type of level. Septentrion Euchoreutes (talk) 03:15, July 15, 2013 (UTC)

No, he didn't play it. I agree that the level is terrible, but he didn't play it.

I feel like people are giving this level too much hate, going by Darkychao and Septentrions comments. Yes, this level as of now cannot avoid rejection, see Section 5 (The one with the Paralars tunnel and Podacat+Banana Snake dodging on a one block wide platform), because of stupid difficulty, but calling it "so bad it's worthless" is a major overstatement in my opinion. Heck, if the Kaizo coin trap was removed, the first few sections are totally fine and playable. Yes, the level has no theme to it, but if the level is especially INTENDING to do so, does that still make it the "worst thing ever"? I even liked the puzzle the Ghost House section gave me, even if it was simple and dumb at the same time (it's really not clear you're supposed to use the switch block as a pipe), but the concept was okay.

I'm not a listed judge, so my opinion is probably not going to matter, but I think that if the first- and Ghost House section were refined a bit and the Flying block survival section was replaced with something else that doesn't apply very difficult parts which you can barely predict, this level could get approved. You just don't have to hold a phobia for something that is alot of random stuff together but is still easily playable in the end. - Unaniem; 17:08; July 15, 2013 (GMT+2)

I looked at the level some time ago, and personally, it feels too random, and nothing meshes.  I can't approve this even with changes simply because the design is too all over the place. It's kinda hard for me to explain what I'm saying, but I'm sure if you asked someoine like SNN to review this level, they would say something similar. -SAJewers | 08:32 ADT, July 16, 2013