Hi, I'm GanonTEK.

My level is a castle level. The first half is sort of a multi switch palace. you have to kill the three goombas. Red for power, blue for wisdom and green for courage. Only then you can progress and reach the midpoint.

The sublevels themselves are fairly short. Only one has some backtracking in it.

The second half of the level is about being careful and dodging things.

The second to last room requires you to carry an egg without dropping it to a certain location.

The final room awards you with a leek.

Some screenshots are here

2013-07-21 - Update 1 - Changes made after watching the 1st review by HolyR (Link in comments below)

New .zip file has been uploaded within minutes of this edit (17:54 GMT)

Music -

  • Changed the water temple music in that trial room to a better version
  • Changed the music in the egg carrying room to a dungeon theme from Zelda ALttP

Backgrounds -

  • Backgrounds changed in 2 of the trial rooms to make them more castle like

Filters -

  • Made a filter at the start of the level for either Mario/Luigi character instead of in one of the trial rooms. Reason being P-switch carrying in 1 trial room which I forgot could be problem
  • The reason for the Mario filter at the mid point is because of the egg room. If you are big luigi and try to place the egg it will break so it has to be Mario

Other changes -

  • Minor changes to the midpoint room - added in an NPC to explain that the cat respawns
  • Removed a couple spikes at the top of the midpoint room. Added thwomp lower down
  • Put block in final room to make it easier to get to the hidden npc there
  • Re-added the ledge in the water room for the blue goomba switch to be standing on. No idea why it vanished
  • Added vines and some changes to the forest trial room
  • Added a block in the ludwig room to make it easier to get out after you kill the goomba

2013-09-04 - Update 2 - Changes made after reading the 2nd review by Sturgyman (See Judging below)

New .zip file has been uploaded within minutes of this edit (14:15 GMT)

Text boxes -

  • Fixed missing full stops
  • Fixes extra space
  • Capatalised Cabbage of Courage
  • Changed 'drop' to 'break' in that text box since you do have to set it down at one stage

Filters -

  • Removed the Iris filter from the first room

Generators -

  • Increased the time before spawning of two of the slime spawners. Two of them are 5s or over now. One is slightly less than that

Background -

  • I kind of liked the background I have for thwe water section but if I find something I like better I'll change it

Thank you for the review!


Pretty good level overall, there are some issues with it that I would fix however.

  • It's pretty much impossible to get out of the Iris filter without getting hit due to there being a mob of red slimes guarding that little passage way. I would either remove the red slime there, change the location of Iris's filter, or just get rid of it entirely since right now you're kind of forced to play as Demo anyway.
  • At the end of the green section, getting the empty eggs to the glass is kind of annoying and dangerous due to the quick slime generator. I'd get rid of at least one generator or slow down the generation time for the slimes since it's pretty difficult not to get hit there.
  • This is just my opinion but, I'm not sure if the background for the blue/water section fits well with the atmosphere the music helps create. I'd prefer a more underwater/frosty/cold sort of background, but that's entirely my opinion and you don't have to change it.
  • I like the sacred egg challenge, that was pretty neat.

And finally just some spelling errors I spotted:

  • "Face many dangers" is missing a period.
  • "On Death Mountain  years go".
  • That same message is also missing a period at the end.
  • "Windfish eggs" is also msiing a period.
  • Shouldn't "cabbage of courage" be capitalized I think?

Alright, that's it I think. Approved with changes.

-sturgyman 5:08 AM 9/4/2013 (MDT)

Cool, approved.

-sturgyman 3:28 PM 9/18/2013 (MDT)

It is a pretty decent level approved -8flight