A decently tough castle in the middle of i-don't-know. Has a Secret Leek hidden within. Mouser is boss at end because castles usually have bosses. I'm all too happy to get rid of him though if it's deemed necessary, since I don't much like him either. :/

Level ends with a SMB3 type leek. Secret leek is SMW type.

EDIT: I don't know why I said this was "decently tough." I actually intended it for Endgame or Postgame, and wasn't expecting it to be put anywhere else! It is very difficult. I guess I just said it was merely tough because after playing some of the other submissions and seeing ASMBXT, I figured that the Talkhaus memebers were used to crazy difficulty.


The Tower Of Dr. Zalost - Version 3


Many of the things sturgyman thought were imossible are indeed possible or aren't as unreasonable as he thought: Everything in the original draft was doable but often required some outside-the-box thinking. Such as the red coins in the first section he had problems with: The two on the rail you can simply duck (or jump around), and the one with the dry bones requires a bit of momentum to go underneath. Hence his complaint that a lot of the jumps were more intimdating than actually hard. But that's what I set out to do with this level in the first place!

Version 2

-Added a Demo block out front.

-Made the platforms under the 3 thwomps wider so it's more reasonable.

-Added a block where it's required to spin-jump because I felt the jump was slightly more annoying than necessary.

-Removed the thwomp at the top of Section 3.

-Added a coin to hint toward the secret area.

-Lowered the first 3 red coins in Section 4 by about half a tile, because it was too easy to trigger them accidentally.

-Changed the thwomp setup at the end of the level to something a bit more reasonable. (Note: In the original draft, the way to get by them was to wait for the first one to drop, and then jump while it was rising back to the top)

-Removed the Demo block in the secret room. I didn't filter her because it was a suggestion rather than a requirement.

Version 3

-Since this is the second-to-last level of Zebraspace I made the boss tougher and added a custom music track for it.

-Added 2 red coin traps at the 3 thwomps near the beginning. It was a bit too easy before.

-Put a super-secret bonus room that no one is ever meant to find up on an alcove. I found out Yoshi can eat Mouser so I had to do something with that. Yes, you can fly up there with a regular Leaf.

-Added a Fire Flower next to the boss door.


-This level, in my opinion, takes a lot of trial and error design. There are several obstacles in which are either unfair or too complicated.

-I think there should be a red coin that activates something in the 1st set of coins. This is so it will introduce the concept of avoiding red coins to the player in a much less brutal way (I'm talking about that 1st firebar with the red coin). By introducing the concept with a very tricky jump for 1st time players, it is most likely that they'll be less cautious about the jump and more likely die.

-There's a part in the 1st section with three pillars and three thwomps, this part is near to impossible to complete without getting hit. You can easily outrun the 1st thwomp, but the second one is closer to the ground and cannot be outrun. There is not a lot of breathing space here, and dodging the thwomps can be deemed ridiculous.

-Right after that section, there's a line platform section with red coins. The 1st two red coins are very, very difficult to avoid and one will most likely be collected one's first time through. I would get rid of one of these coins, because at the moment, I still end up collecting one of the coins, and then running and jumping atop the firebar block since the platform line is out. I just think that section can be toned down difficulty-wise.

-With the last red coin of section one, there's really no way to not collect it without getting hurt. It's just, in the way of the jump. I'm assuming that this coin is supposed to be collected no matter what and activate the spike wall. However, since the player has been inclined to not collect any red coins they will want to try and jump underneath the coin with the skeleton, which appears impossible when I've played it. I would change where the coin is, whether making it easier to avoid, or making it clearly in the way which tells the player they have to collect it.  

-The level is not possible to complete with either Kood or Sheath, since netiher of them can spin jump on the grinder in section 2. You should put character restrictions or making that part possible with the two characters.

-The last jump with the springboard in section 2 is the same issue as the last red coin in section 1. Since players are already scared as to not collect any red coins (since they do something bad, but do not know exactly what it is), this last jump appears ridiculous, especially with the thwomp. In my opinion, I would remove the thwomp and just leave the red coin, to make the jump appear less treacherous than it actually is.

-There are several obstacles in the 3rd section (mid-point area) that appear much more dangerous than they appear and in turn kills the player because of the appearance of the obstacle. The 1st jump with the two skeletons, for example, is very tricky to do on one's 1st try. The red coins are more than likely to be accidentually touched by the player and will most likely fall onto the spikes. It took me a few tries to figure it out, but it still seems like trial and error.

-The part with the three grinders has the same issue, looks much more dangerous than it is. Also, the grinders don't stay on their path and start following other grinders' path. 

-Right after that, with the thwomp and two piranha plants, same issue. (I would probably get rid of one of the plants personally).

-At the end of this section, there's the jump with two thwomps and spikes in-between them. This jump, at the moment, seems impossible to pass without getting hit. And with the addition of the red coin, it just makes it harder. Either get rid of one set of spikes, or get rid of a thowmp, because this part is just too hard at the moment.

-Huh, I didn't even realize there was a secret leek in this level until I saw the instant warp where the mid-point was. This secret is WAY too hard to find, it isn't even hinted that there's a secret there (plus if you collect the red coin that activates the poison mushroom block, players are even less inclined to go there). Make it so there's either a hint to go there, or maybe a coin placed there that might indicate a secret, because right now this secret has a pretty ridiculous hiding spot.

-Speaking of the secret level, it was freaking too difficult. Even if it's a secret star, the player has to be small in order to find the secret, and many of the jumps are just asking the players too much. When I played it, I used the green shell at the beginning to get rid of the dumb spines on the music blocks, so I have no idea how hard this part is with the spinies. But since the jumps themselves are already difficult, I can predict that adding the spinies would just make this part way too hard. There is one jump that I would change indefinitely. The noteblock jump in between spikes onto a platform with a spiny on it. There is no indication that the player have to spin jump on the noteblocks in order to make it through. I would place a sign or hint indicating so.  

-Why is there a Demo block in the secret room if it is not forcing the player to play as Demo?

-There are several errors in this level that just make it appear way more difficult than it should be. However, I like the level itself and I will Approved the level with some major changes.

--sturgyman 9:48, June 23, 2013 (MDT)

Okay, so I went back and played it and everything is pretty easy actually. Except for those two red coins that can easily be collected on the line rail. I just think that's difficult because it's very tight and precise platforming, but if you're aiming for postgame then you could probably leave it in. Heck, you could probably leave in the thwomp at the end of section three. Also, the secret star isn't that hard, I think I was just angry that day. But I like the fixes with the thwomps in the second section and the end of the fourth section.

But yeah, I approve.

-sturgyman 4:26 PM 8/9/2013 (MDT)

Review in Motion -Holy

Approving for the late game. Willhart (talk) 03:52, September 9, 2013 (UTC)