hello this is raocow and this is my level

Actually, I reckon we're supposed to write things like how it ends with the rotating mario 3 goal dealio but nonetheless contains one (one) leek, and is set in a desert ?!?


My only real complaint was the length of the download. Few things that may not have noticed:

  • The Yoshi rafts move when you step on them
  • You can eat Luigi
  • I can't seem to climb back up after getting the leek as fFre Demo. Maybe I was doing something wrong?NVM, there's a hidden block I didn't notice.

-SAJewers | 23:28 ADT, June 30, 2013

Approved. Hmm... What a good level! You know, this reminds me a bit of the level I'm making right now in that it's a period piece (mine is based on the Roaring 20's though). So, I sort of have an affinity for this sort of thing when done well. In this case, the real selling point of the level isn't so much the gameplay (which is generally fine), but the composition of the piece and how well things work together. For designers, this is often one of the hardest things to do for many people - making the music match the set dressings and the style of gameplay. Really, there isn't much to say except this felt like an old western, we got our trusty steed, and in the end it basically all ended up being sort of an old-timey rodeo show. Brilliant! It's amazing what you can do with mostly vanilla resources. That said, however, I do have a couple minor nitpicks. If they were intentional or you don't feel like fixing them it's fine. First, the strange falling-block-bomb-block area that leads to the two yoshi-munchers seems to have no point and is generally confusing. Second, the clock near the end of the level seems kind of strange as well. Third, the mouser-'fight' where you have to get the key is amusing, but it does require you sit around and wait a bit. Not sure how I'd improve that though, but it interferes with the flow of the level somewhat. Finally, the yoshi skull heads can fly off if you step on them. If that's intentional, leave it - otherwise make them background objects or friendly NPCs with no dialogue or something. Other than that, this is great! It passes the most fundamental check, and the most important one, in that it just loads of fun to play - and that's the whole point of gaming! Good job! Horikawa Otane (talk) 20:06, July 7, 2013 (UTC)

Level's great. Some grammatical errors. Don't worry I'll fix them for you. Approved by me mister.

A short review by sturgyman (2:34 AM 7/12/2013 [MDT]).


~oh if you're wondering what I'm changing, here:

peice -> piece

narry -> nary

sherrif -> sherrif

where -> were

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