A winter themed presumably postgame level that takes advantage of LunaDLL to make a devious secret exit.

Exits: 2

Raocoins: No

Coins: 177

Difficulty: Difficult secret exit, easy normal exit.

Exit types: SMW goal tape and keyhole.


Music: Crash Bandicoot 2 - Bear It




Is that secret exit even possible? Otherwise, I no issues about this. If you or someone else can prove the secret is doable, I'll approve. -SAJewers | 19:21 ADT, July 4, 2013

  • Now approving. This will be entertaining to watch Raocow and others try and do the secret exit :D. -SAJewers | 11:39 ADT, August 11, 2013

I like what you did with the mid-point which helps with the secret exit. The level done normal didn't really need a mid-point. I personally like the difficulty of the secret exit now, though it'll probably take the player multiple tries until they get it, but I guess that's alright. The only issue I see with the level now is that when collecting a power-up it'll sometimes screw up the moving layers and offset them in different postions. The only place I've seen where this can screw you over is where the two moving pencils are. In which the right pencil goes much higher than the other pencil and it becomes impossible to jump over. But yeah, that's the only issue I found with the level. I have no idea how you could fix that, so I'll approve it I guess(?).

-sturgyman 4:43 PM 8/6/2013 (MDT)