Author:  Frozelar

Difficulty:  Hard

Dragon Coins:  None

Exits:  1 leek

Description:  This level is pretty challenging, however it can be made much harder if you don't play strategically.  That being said, playing intelligentally can actually make the level quite a bit easier.  I wasn't intending the level to be unreasonably hard, so if you feel a section is too hard then please let me know!  It's also a fairly short level.  It is themed around an abstract-style feel.

Credits:  The custom graphics were made by me (aka the foreground tiles and the background), and the music is Forgone Rejuvination by Phr4kture.  You can find the track on YouTube , or on the OCremix website .

UPDATE:  I think the level would be fine for someone like raocow, but for the average player who probably doesn't want to spend any more than 15 minutes on a level, my level might be just too much for them.  So I added a switch that toggles extra powerups on/off.

SECOND UPDATE:  Fixed the cutoff in the background.

THIRD UPDATE:  Made it a little easier (removed two big boos and removed some of the surprise bombs) and changed some of the text.

FOURTH UPDATE:  Made it a bit easier (again) by removing a disco shell, removing some paralars things, and removing the super fast firebars in the second half.  Also added Demo-and-Iris-only gates.  Also added an updated effect graphics file for the blue-ish thwomps.

FIFTH UPDATE:  Changed what the snake guy says because I felt it was too lengthy, and removed another disco shell and bob-omb.

SIXTH UPDATE:  Made the level just a bit easier (again) and made it easier to access the character-transformation block things at the start.

SEVENTH (AND HOPEFULLY FINAL) UPDATE:  I have no idea why, but for some reason the version of the level that I submitted had some unfinished parts in the final section.  This puzzles me because it's completely finished on my end.  Really sorry about my blunder there!

Anyways, here's the completed version of the level.  I actually decided to remove the hole from the final section that lets you skip ahead because at this point, with the bullet shooter and free power-up, the final section is pretty trivial.




I've already played this level so I might as well judge it. The level itself is pretty neat, and the atmosphere it pretty good. There were some things I'd change:

  • There are some npcs that have no death effects that match their customized palette (ex. Thwomp and Big Boo)

  • I really hate the crazy fast fireballs that suddenly appear in the 2nd section. It's pretty easy to die there on one's 1st try especially if they're trying to kill that banana snake in that area.

  • I slightly dislike how rainbow shells suddenly appear as well. There's not much of a warning for them, but that's not as bad. 

  • Is there a point to activating 'tank mode'? Or is it just to make things easier.

  • Sometimes disco shells will block small holes in which you need to jump into (seen in 1st section)

  • I'm a bit wary about the SMB3 empty blocks that move up and down slightly. I'm just afraid I'll get crushed by them or what not as big demo, though I haven't experienced that yet.

Approved after some changes.

-sturgyman 10:37 AM 7/31/2013 (MDT)

While it looks really nice, I question if it's too hard. Most of the level consists of tight corridoors, with a lot of enemies. if you cutdown on the paralars and discos, I think this should be fine. Maybe make Tank mode takeout a few of them. Also, section 2 I dont think is possible as Sheath. Approved pending it be made a tad easier. -SAJewers | 18:38 ADT, August 20, 2013

Alrighty, everything looks good now. Approved/Moving.

-sturgyman 4:01 PM 9/10/2013 (MDT)