Updated Last: December 11th

Current Condition: final, final draft (I filled it out a bit and made it nicer looking.

This time around, I decided to make a boss. This is the third draft. I think it needs some looking at, mechanics wise, before I proceed further. If I succeed, I'm planning on getting custom sprites for the NPCs in question.

Never mind, there's no longer a boss (cursed RNG)


Known Issues

  • Yes, you can slide to kill the boss at the moment. I am going to fix that, one way or another. Fixed as of now
  • Was possible to get behind it, caused the boss to be a moot point. Mostly fixed because of the location of the launcher 
  • Boss rarely sometimes (?) falls appart
  • May want to change the 'base' or the landscape

Comments & Critiques

  • A very simple and hilarious boss, but not an easy one by any chance. All that's left is to figure out what constitutes the boss's defeat and maybe not squash the poor PC when approaching the wall at the very end, and it's good to go. -Joseph Staleknight (talk) 01:59, June 6, 2013 (UTC)

here's a quick playthrough because why not -Mabel 12:26(CST), Dec 6, 2013


I'm going to assume the Player 1 Start spot is in the wrong place. However, I don't think Kood or Sheath can complete the Second half. Filter them out, unless someone can prove they can bet the second half. Approved with that change.-SAJewers | 20:33 ADT, September 24, 2013

Oh shoot! I thought I moved it back :x Will fix stated issues -Verg Fixed~!