It's a puzzle level that uses all the characters to win.

it has 1 SMB3 normal exit.

It is underground/inside.

Updated 10/1/13

  • Added a hint that tells the player that only fireballs can pass through lined out character blocks
  • Made the koopa shell part unfarmable for lives
  • Added a few things to prevent the player from getting stuck

Reviews Mk II

Rejecting. This is an outright mess. I don't know what I'm supposed to do half the time; I'm just guessing. I just gave but I don't have any idea what I'm supposed to do. -SAJewers | 22:02 ADT, November 6, 2015


Judging (EP1)

I pretty well-made puzzle level imo, it was fairly challenging yet straight-forward plus I had a lot of fun with it. I didn't find any major problems with the level but really just found very minor things you might want to change, but some of these changes are up to you.

  • You can partially cheeze the part where you need to turn off the blue switch with raocow but falling into the pit, but that's very minor.
  • Since you've got an unlimited generator of gourds, I would put a character filter for those like you did with the leaf. Since you can stock up on gourds with every character after you hit the yellow switch.
  • The only real part I got stuck on was where I needed to bring the kuribo shoe with Demo into the room with the high jump. The fact that you can bring shoes through doors without filters is kind of vague. Maybe you could put a hint of that somewhere?

But yeah, pretty great puzzle level you got here. I would probably place this level like mid-game or late-game due to the length of the puzzle, but great nonetheless! Approved by me (you can make changes but they totally aren't necessary).

-sturgyman 4:52 PM 8/20/2013 (MDT)

Accepted with changes. There's a couple of places where that would trap the player. Iceball/fireball inconsistency with the Kood player blocks. Those should be fix. Video

Septentrion Euchoreutes (talk) 22:31, August 24, 2013 (UTC)

This was a great puzzle I approve -8flight

Anyways there's a life farm in the part where the blue goopa hits the shell.

Response to Judging

  • I don't think you can cheese that spot.  The pit warps the player to the right after they hit the switch instead of the left.
  • It would take a while to farm gourds like that.  Also Raocow's past performances with Gourds usually didn't last very long.  Is the gourd really that cheap if you consider the non easy levels?