Superfluous Security is Sedron's first submission for A2MBXT. That's pretty neat.

Things About The Level That Are Good To Know

  • No character or powerup restrictions.
  • Contains 3 mushrooms and a fire flower.
  • Contains 5 raocoins and 1 midpoint.
  • 2 exits; SMB2 Orb and SMW Key (Secret Exit contains boss fight.)

More General Stuff

This level is an autoscrolling, futuristic level with floating water and lava. The gameplay centers on dealing with the misplaced water and how it affects both your movement and the movement of other entities. The secret boss also contains quite a bit of this. It's fairly difficult.

Version Changes

Version 1.1 (7/12/13)-

  • 1 Rinkas removed from Robirdo fight to reduce difficulty. May remove another if difficulty is still too high for non-Sheath players.
  • Path to secret exit no longer contains blue shell for blue goopa to kick. Again, to reduce difficulty.
  • That one lava jump was toned down just a tad.
  • The normal exit actually works. How about that.

Author's note: The level is intended to be hard (and I find that the boss is doable with practice without Sheath,) but I'm willing to tone down the trouble spots as necessary to find a good balance.

Version 1.1.1 (7/12/13, again)-

  • Forgot to switch a layer off again after editing the Robirdo fight. So that's fixed.

Version 1.2 (9/23/13)-

  • "Waves," spawn enemies in air so they can be more fairly dodged.
  • Backgrounds placed behind rinkas in boss rooms.

Author's note: Sorry that edit took so long. This new computer really hates SMBX apparently, and I had personal things come up otherwise. In any case, I saw that the level was moved to the "accepted," section, so I suppose I'll put it up on the final level submissions.


Graphics- GFX Pack

Music- Wine Cellar from Rusty Hearts and Boss Theme from Last Alert.


I don't know if it's acceptable or not.  A hard level.  This level has a serious issue.  You absolutely need to change your events around for this level to be acceptable.  I was able to change it myself, but it has to be changed.  You should be able to fix the problem.  Also the boss is annoying unless you're playing as Sheath.  The fact that the water alters your physics and the shooters mean that the player will die a lot.  Unless of course they pick Sheath. I couldn't even think of a good strategy for beating this boss.  There was a tight squeeze while jumping over a lava pillar in the level that can easily kill the player.  Aside from the problems I brought up I think the level is fine.


At the moment, I am going to reject the level. I mean, the level is pretty awesome, there are just some critical flaws at the moment. First, the blue block at the end doesn't do anything, and you're just stuck there. I'm assuming this has something to do with an even error, but yeah, it's unfinishable at the moment. Second, the path to the secret exit is too cramped as well as being to difficult to pass normally. Third, the boss itself is too difficult. I'd get rid of one or two of those metroid shooters since they destroy the eggs that robirdo shoots out. Fourth (not that necessary), there's an evil lava jump that I have a lot of trouble on that appears right before the third dragon coin. It might be a tad unfair. Fix all this stuff up and I'm sure the level can be accepted.

-sturgyman 7:43 PM 7/11/2013 (MDT)

Cool, mostly everything is fixed and ready. The only error now is that the Robirdo Wall (the one that appears when the battle begins) is already there so you can't fight the boss. Fix that and you'll get my approval.

-sturgyman 11:37 PM 7/11/2013 (MDT)

Alrighty then, approved.

-sturgyman 5:01 PM 8/21/2013 (MDT)

14 and a half minutes in I complained about a lot of things in this video that were mostly subjective. The only thing I think should change is the surprises in the "Wave" section. Enemies that can hurt appear where the player is something that can unfairly harm the player. Accepted with changes. Septentrion Euchoreutes (talk) 18:44, September 14, 2013 (UTC)