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You gotta get up to the top to get the prize!  Unfortunately, you came a little too early.  I mean, the place isn't even finished yet...You can see the strings!

Exits:  1 SMB3 Leek

Theme:  Sky, Technology

Raocoins: NO

Author: Heavy Sigh

Restrictions: NONE

Leeks: 1

1-ups: None

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Music: Hurrican Hoatzin  (Megaman X: Corrupted)

Exits: 1


Uh, rejected for now. The level was relatively fun to play, and the concept was fine enough. But, uh, this version I was given that's currently on the download page doesn't have an exit. Maybe I'm just stupid and can't find it, but... I've made it to what seems to pretty obviously be the end of the level, and there's nothing there. I thought that the window would take me somewhere, but there's no warp there, so yeah. That's, y'know, kinda a big problem. Also, the koopaling fight at the end was unnecessary and silly, so I say take it out entirely. Again, rejected until you fix those problems. ~Cjn14 (July 09)

Alrighty, approved as long as you take out the lava pit/axe that serve no purpose at the end. Cjn14 (talk) 22:37, July 10, 2013 (UTC)

Pretty good level overall, though there are some things I would change:

  • It isn't very obvious that you have to step on the gray circle in order to warp to the sky area. I would change the graphic there.
  • While it is a creative use of the wooden fences in the level, the bottom of the fences look pretty weird since it cuts off at the bottom. I would make the bottom of the fence look like the top of the fence, so that both the top and bottom are rounded off. It would look much nicer
  • Speaking of fences, I wouldn't use the snow-covered one. It's just kind of random.
  • At the one part where you climb the fence, I would try and use a different graphic instead of the singular climable fence. Make it look like a square of fence with boundaries instead of using a single tile of the fence that seems out of place.
  • I would get rid of the random axe at the end, it just seems out of place.
  • The sign indicating of the exit at the end of section 2 kind of gets in the way of the door. In which trying to enter the door will activate reading the sign. I'd move it to the right a bit.

That's all I can see. If you fix most of the issues I will most likely accept the level with those changes.

-sturgyman 8:08 AM 7/18/2013 (MDT)

Aside from what;'s already been said, you need to get rid of the second of silence in the custom music. Fix that, and you're good to go. -SAJewers | 11:50 ADT, July 20, 2013