It's inspired by Yume Nikki and Psycho Waluigi. This level was basically a fusion of most of the ideas I got during raocow's let's play of the ASMBXT. It's also an experiment on using a tileset made out of resizable blocks.


The visual illusion can be used to make short animations, but I wanted to keep it level related. Static was made with the help of the copypaste-tool.

Level contains:

  • Custom tileset
  • End castle
  • Resprited enemies
  • A boss (Larry Koopa resprited as Pily)
  • Demo/Iris filter
  • Flashing static that may cause seizures



Video Reviews




Neat level, however, if you enter the locked door then exit, you fall to your death. Also, is the secret even possible? I couldn't do it without using CatNip or a Boot. It feels too hidden IMO, there needs to be some indication of it. If you fix the death door, and maybe do something regarding the secret (or maybe I'm just mising a hint somewhere), that would be great. SAJewers (talk) 17:01, June 23, 2013 (UTC)

That door is now removed, and I have indicated the other exit better. Willhart.

Approved - with vigor! This is one of the most incredible levels I've seen thus far. The flavour is great, the gameplay is great, and, most importantly, the composition is excellent. All elements blend together quite nicely and very little feels out of place. The music fits perfectly with the graphics and the level style as well as the way the player interacts with, or is interacted by, the environment. The gimmicks present are all very impressive and I'm thinking you must have used Kil's dll hack to do some of the things you did. If you didn't, it's even more impressive. The graphical designs are excellent throughout, with special mention going to the slender-man-esque entity that we only get to see twice (a wise decision - less is more!). My only complaint would be that the Flying Goomba and Banana Snakes don't really fit in with the rest of the 'labyrinth's' aesthetic. You have those creepy bouncing Zelda 2 guys, which are great, but then suddenly it's back to ASMBXT enemies. Feels a bit jarring. This is nit-pick though - great job! Horikawa Otane (talk) 22:05, July 2, 2013 (UTC)