This level is a ghost house with multiple moving layers, coins that teleport the player, and a stealth section for a secret leek. At the end of the level is a very easy and anticlimactic big boo fight. Oh man!


  • To preserve the surprise at the beginning, calling the level Top Secret Area on the world map might be a good idea.
  • In theory, the player could get one of the powerups from the beginning with a cleverly timed jump. I don't feel like this is much of a problem since they aren't that great anyways and the level is fairly generous with powerups at the beginning anyways.
  • I've tried to avoid causing issues with moving layers, but testers should obviously be on the lookout for any heinous layer bugs.


  • Modified big boo was made using Moosh's artwork from Oracle of Seasons.
  • Music in sections 2 and 3 is Dance With A Boo by ThinkOneMoreTime


  • June 24: Added a shell to the big boo fight so it can be beaten as Sheath


This was a pretty nice ghost house, I especially liked the music. There are some things I would change for approval though:

  • In the top-secret area section.  it's easy to bypass the part where it forces you down the pit. You can hit a block while running in any direction and you'll slide up the hill onto flat land. I'd make the pit bigger.

  • Warp 10 is kind of cheap since you reappear right next to a ghost, move the ghost.

  • The two hammer bros are kind of pointless since they'll kill themselves from the moving platforms.

  • Speaking of moving platforms, that's probably my biggest issue with the level. There are portions of the level in which Demo can glitch and kill herself from dumb wall movements. Places I recall include where the two hammer bros are, the beginning of section 2, and the area right before the big boo (lava lotuses + spiked layers). I'd redo these parts a bit.

  • The lava lotus in section 1 is easy to fall on top of and hurt yourself. It's kind of cheap if you ask me.

  • I really enjoyed the sneaking section, though it kind of sucks you aren't able to reset it though. That would be great if you could. 

  • In the section just before the boss (as mentioned before), the top/bottom spikes that are placed on moving layers will disappear behind the ground and appear invisible. This is pretty cheap as I died once trying to jump over the ground spikes and evidentially jumped into the moving spikes without knowing. I think it has something to do with SMBX's block/background priorities.

That's about it. Nothing too big, probably just the moving layers. Like I said the sneaking section was great. Approved with changes.

-sturgyman 11:47 AM 7/31/2013 (MDT)

I approve.  Medium difficulty.  Not bad.  Not much else to say.


Approved. go to 29:45 Septentrion Euchoreutes (talk) 19:28, August 21, 2013 (UTC)