Slide Like You Mean It is a level created by Joseph Staleknight for A Second Mario Bros. X Thing. It is currently in version Beta 1.1. In the level, there are two exits but no Raocoins or midpoint.

It is available here.

Level Overview

Outside the Slide of Destiny™

The player is faced with four Goombas, a bump, and a pool of water. After crossing all of those obstacles, s/he is greeted with a sign warning that only "blue armless cycloptic demon alien minions" are allowed on the slide while spelling out the grave penalties for those who violate this decree.

The Slide of Destiny™

Once inside, the player will be forced to switch to Demo if they haven't already done so. In addition, Peach will advise her to get a radish to make things easier (read: more exciting). With that done, the player is free to slide through the various obstacles in this section, including sections of the land that morph when certain actions take place and the threat of getting burnt by lava.

Of note is the area just after the near-encouter with a pit of lava, which houses a P-Switch. While the player may ignore it and continue sliding, s/he may also bring the switch with them at the cost of sliding prowess.

At the very bottom is a door that leads to the final area of the normal route. However, if one were to bring the P-Switch all the way there and press it then, a secret door would appear where lava once was.

Normal Exit: Lakitron

Outside, Demo will have to fight Lakitron (a cyborg Lakitu minion under the employ of Dr. Lakitovitch) with nothing more than weapons found buried in the ground. Once Lakitron (but not the enemies he spawns) is defeated, a precious orb will appear at the top of the hill.

Secret Exit: Hurry!

A worried Toad will explain to Demo that his experiment with valuable bullet-onyx eggs is highly unstable and likely to fail (which it does if Demo waits too long). Another toad observes the leek, and is amazed at its ability to levitate and (again, if Demo waits too long) disappear.

Outside Assets and Modifications Used

  • The Big Boo has been modified thus:
    • Face swapped with those of Andrew Hussie as he appears in Problem Sleuth, Page 458 (stationary) and the logo of MSPaint Adventures (moving), with minor edits.
  • Music for the Slide of Destiny™: Squid Adler's theme from Megaman X5, originally composed by the Capcom Sound Team.


  • Version B1.1: Fixed a typo regarding Dr. Lakituvich's name.
  • Version Beta 1 (B1):
    • Put the Bag-O-Money exit in a more obvious position.
    • Fixed a bug where you could swim under the beginning section.
    • Set the Furbas back to be less of a surprise to the player.
  • Version F.2: Minor bugfixes.
  • Version F.1a (Alternate version of F.1):
    • Added lunadll to filter out any mounts Demo and company may be riding and to reduce the number of hit points for the Big Boos to make the miniboss easier.
  • Version F.1 (First revision of Final):
    • Addressed the issues brought up by SAJewers in Judging (see below):
      • Got the leek to be visible to the engine and the player. The time limit still applies.
      • Made sure that only Demo could access the radish, and not the others who could potentially waste it and leave Demo hanging.
      • Attempted to contextualize the minifight with the Lakitu (see "Normal Exit: Lakitron").
    • Changed some more dialogue.
    • Resprited the Lakitu to become Lakitron.
  • Version 1.7 (Pre-FINAL):
    • Decided to put two ON switches near the first lava pit.
    • Changed some dialogue.
  • Version 1.6o (Overworld-friendly edition of v1.6):
    • Changed one of the leeks to a SMB3 Exit Orb so that the engine can tell them apart.
  • Version 1.6:
    • Made the level Demo-only due to Iris being ill-suited to the slide.
    • Converted the buried leeks to leek-ceratopses. To quote SAJewers, "When we do up the node thingys, the [buried] leek will not appear....I don't want to have to put in boxes like in ASMBXT."
  • Version 1.3:
    • Moved the ON/OFF switch to better react to Demo's leap.
    • Added music for The Slide of Destiny™
    • The Boo's death animation is now consistent with his portrayal this level.
  • Version 1.0: First version submitted to ASMBXT Wiki.

Known Bugs and Issues

  • FIXED: The Slide of Destiny™ has no music. The level creator is currently collaborating with the forums to attempt to make a decently hardcore song.for that section. In the event that no such song is made, however, Squid Adler's theme from Megaman X5 will be used.
  • FIXED: Sometimes, Demo will fail to hit the ON/OFF switch at the first ramp.
  • The ramp works better when Demo is big.

Further Plans

  • If the Lakitu fight is considered inappropriate for the stage, replace it with some other (preferably intuitive and simple) gimmick.

Reviews and Comments

Please place all reviews and comments in this section.


Judges, please place all evaluations here.

Not bad but a few issues:

  • You have a leek in an egg. For some reason, the engine will not count a leek in an egg, in a bubble, or buried. Remember that Library level in ASMBXT? One of the leeks was buried, thus the 2/1 label. Since A2XT will have the labels to show leek requirements, that will need to be fixed. I'm not going to have boxes that say the label is wrong, like in ASMBXT. The label will have to be right, so you'll need to have the leek not be in an egg.
  • Move the Radish on the other side of the Demo filter, so Iris/Kood/Raocow/Sheath can't take it, since it is vital
  • The Lakitu Minifight seems way out of place, and doesn't fit at all with the level IMO. I honestly don't think it's necessary at all, though maybe you can work with the story guys and make it fit with the plot.

Requires a few necessary changes, but other than that seems ok. However, castlepokemetroid did a similar style level. I'/m not sure if we will have both in episode 1, or save one for episode 2. I'll leave that for someone else to decide. SAJewers (talk) 15:25, June 23, 2013 (UTC)

Hmm, so I have no idea if this level should stay in episode 1 with shoezone2, or if it should go into the next episode by itself. Both levels feel really similiar to each other as they have the same concept/gimmick, background and tileset. So it's kind of difficult to decide where to place this since it differs from another level in the most slightest way. I might have to side with placing this in episode 2 as it would feel repetitive if we put two very similar levels in the same game. Approved for the second game.

-sturgyman 5:23 AM 9/4/2013 (MDT)

I only have issue with the boss. The fact that the big boos take 3 hits mes the player is going to have lots of trouble with that boss if they don't figure how to fight back right away. click here for video

Acceptted with changes for episode 2 Septentrion Euchoreutes (talk) 20:51, September 19, 2013 (UTC)