Skyfleet is a level made by PikkaRose for the game A2MBXT. It has 1 mid point, 5 raocoins and 1 exit. It is the first level that PikkaRose ever made.

Sky Fleet

A level made by PikkaRose on youtube for the game A2MBXT. The level is a full on platformer with a total of 5 raocoins, one midpoint and one exit. It takes place in the sky's as demo makes her way to the sky fleet.


In Section 1 of skyfleet the song is: Star Fox Assault - Sauira

In Section 2 of skyfleet the song is a remix of Xion's theme from KH 358/2 days by saskueshika


Rejecting. The first section is ok, but very lacking visually. It's also a lot of one tile jumps. The second half is kind boring. Also, the midpoint feels lopsided The level just ...happens.

Also, Official Nintendo music is a no-go.-SAJewers | 15:57 ADT, September 22, 2015

Rejected by Pyro

REJECTED - WestonSmith (November 22 2015)