A level themed around rainbow shells and lava. The first section involves riding them across lava (hence the name) and the second section is a vertical climb where you must race three pipe cannons firing shells to the top.


  • The way some of the rainbow shell generators can get clogged is intentional and abusing this is basically required to get the secret leek.
  • In theory, it's possible to die at the very end by not spin jumping the fake spiny and instead landing in the munchers. If anyone has any idea how to make those munchers not deal damage/trigger the event when Demo comes in contact with them, that would be helpful.
  • Bringing in a cat llama and getting it to eat a rainbow shell without dying in the lava could break the level completely. I kinda feel like if you can pull that off you deserve an easy run through the level, though.
  • You can get below the cannons in the second part, but it doesn't really give you much of an advantage.



  • June 7: Fixed an issue where a raocoin would push a love frog off a moving platform (the hell?) and moved a piranha plant head so the vines it creates don't have cutoff at the bottom. I also gave the big boo a dying sprite just in case someone kills it.