An ASMBXT homage to Tomba Heights in Robert Ellis' game Treasure Adventure Game, which itself is a homage to the infamous "Touch Fuzzy, Get Dizzy" level. Ztarwuff (talk) 19:33, July 13, 2013 (UTC)


One SMB3 Leek.

One SMW Key and Keyhole


Electric Dolphin Funk (the level music for Tomba Height's Caverns from Treasure Adventure Game)

Fight or Fight (the boss music from Treasure Adventure Game)

Known Issues

  • Layer movement doesn't return platforms to original position.

Change Log

v2 - 17th July 2013

  • Replaced blind jump with coins and donut block.
  • Replaced Disco Tank boss with a Furba Tank boss that utilises more of the layer gimmick.
  • Removed redundant barrier.
  • Fixed spelling mistake.

v3 - 25th July 2013

  • Moved key to secret exit.
  • Replaced password with secret life farm.
  • Gave secret ceiling route two modes dependent on when the Shaman Toads are triggered: one gives the player a secret life farm, the other doesn't.
  • Replaced Furba Tank Boss with Robot Boss.

v4 - 21st September 2013

  • Removed old secret rooms.
  • A few cosmetic changes
  • Replaced stationary Shaman Toads with npc-101.

v5 - 16th December 2013

  • Recoloured all Toad graphics and Shaman Toad graphics.
  • Altered npc-101 text file.

v6 - 21st March 2014

  • Changed graphics colours to match new block colours.
  • Fixed layer issue in the village section.
  • Moved warp to Section 5 to "hopefully" fix moving warp issue.

v7 - 29th August 2014

  • Changed upwards drill rose graphic to give it a red head.
  • Moved all warps onto new layer to prevent the gimmick from brekaing them.
  • Renamed level to Shroom Samba Spelunking.

v8 - 26th October 2014

  • Made the bushes blood-stained.
  • Toned down the dizziness gimmick.
  • Made the Shamans more helpful.

v9 - 02nd November 2014

  • Removed some bats to stop Shaman from dying.
  • Moved Shaman so they're not as likely to fall into holes.


- Player 1's starting position seems to be wrong.
- I don't think the plants not coming out of pipes and camouflaged by grass are a good idea. I recall that an episode 1 level (Plant Zone) had to be modified so all the plants would come out of pipes.
- In the village, the bridge and the orange block above the entry pipe seem to be misaligned.
- Right now, warp 7 leads kills the player. You can fix this by moving the warp exit 1 block down.
- Not sure how I feel about a gimmick that removes control from the player, but at the same time I like the risk/reward aspect of choosing to eat a flashing toad or not.
- Overall, I think it's an okay level.

-Axon 26 Aug 2014, 08:52 on Talkhaus forums

You took the main premise of Fluffy Quest, and made it not constant, but way more disorienting. Why would you do that, Ztarwuff?

I was excited by the level title because I like the premise, but it needs to be more laid-back than this, I think. I'm not experienced with drugs, mind you, but this seems pretty firmly in "bad trip," territory. I'm not sure how much of it was just me being hot or whatever while playing, but the first few times I touched a Shaman my head and eyes kind of hurt. Seeing as this kind of issue rarely surfaces with me, I can assume somebody else will have a problem with it.

The fact that you make everything move, like in Fluffy Quest, means the same issues that level had could pop up here. That's potentially infuriating.

The way the Shaman's work switches from harmful to helpful midway through the stage. I think the level would be better if they were consistent throughout. In the second half they mainly act as glorified P-switches. There are probably more inventive ways to utilize them.

The midpoint area is way too dangerous. Since the player is probably still in samba mode upon reaching it, there's a good chance they'll smack into an enemy and die. There's no real reason for that area to be dangerous at all. A red Goopa starts a few blocks away from the respawn point.

You have a blind jump from the blue switch to the boss door. That's definitely not acceptable.

The boss, Harvester, has an awful lot going on at once. I'm not sure that it's too hard, seeing as I beat it in one go, but I didn't really feel like I earned the win. It just kind of happened, and I was lucky enough not to get hit by stalagtites after a claw hit me through the Harvester's body. The amount going on at once needs to be toned down, I think.

The secret exit is honestly something I had to go back for because I forgot it was there. I don't exactly know how you're supposed to find it, since the key is out of the way (though I found that on my own,) and the door is way, way out of the way in an already huge stage. I could have missed something, admittedly, but it feels like it's too much.

Finally, why does Pal talk? That seems wrong. I'm definitely not the one to say what characters should be able to do and say, but that seems distinctly not-Pal-like.

I wouldn't personally want to play this level again without some major revisions. It's doable, by all means, but there's a lot of flaws. Your other levels were, on the whole, much more enjoyable for me

- sedron

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