Sheath enters a metroidvania type filler stage.

Graphics are from SMBX Expanded Graphic Pack, except the Smartball Mice, those are by SAJewers

Custom music

Dungeon music: Dwarf Fortress gameplay music

"Error" huts: Alone In The Dark 3 soundtrack "Welcome to Slaughter Gulch"


I really like this level. Not much I can say other than this is well made. Few notes though:

  • The Box with the mushroom by Aerith's House seems pointless, especially when he gives you health anyway.
  • I feel like there should be an indication you have to back and enter the cave. It's not necessary though.
  • When you talk to Ratio Tile, the Zelda item sound effect doesn't play.
  • You can just jump over ss and grab the end goal. Make the end goal appear after you kill him.

Othe than that, good job. -SAJewers | 22:17 ADT, August 15, 2013

Everything that SAJewers mentioned seems to be fixed, plus the level itself is pretty good!

Approved. -sturgyman 7:41 PM 9/14/2013 (MDT)

Approving. This game needs more one charaster levels.

Willhart (talk) 12:25, September 17, 2013 (UTC)