The other half of the level.


Music: From Keith Courage in Alpha Zones

Graphics: From Keith Courage in Alpha Zones. Self-ripped.


I approve.  Medium difficulty.  The level confuses me.  What's with the weapon guy?  What's the Nova suit?  What's with the rainbows?  The boss is tedious, though.


Dang, those rainbows be trippy man. Anyway, the level itself is pretty straightforward. The only issue was that there were a lot of blind jumps, or instances in which I didn't know where to go. Though, this isn't that big of an issue since none of these blind jumps hurt you.The boss itself was a tad tedious (10 hits is kind of annoying), nice use of the background for the boss though. But yeah, approved by me, unless you want to fix those blind jumps to make it more obvious to jump downward.

-sturgyman 1:44 AM 7/12/2013 (MDT)  

  • I'll see what I can do for the blind jumps. As for the boss, I'm trying to do a 1:1 recreation of the original boss, but Ii I make him too fast, he becomes too hard (see: He's supposed to take 16 hits, but I can drop it down to 9 I think. -SAJewers | 12:29 ADT, July 12, 2013