Hopefully this one isn't too hard.

Specs or something:

  • Has no raocoins, leeks, bosses, cat llamas, hammer suits, or powerups.
  • Only one exit: The SMB3 exit.
  • Pretty short, but difficult.
  • Several shortcuts left in on purpose, to reward you for not just going in like an idiot.
  • Enemy placement is more thought-out than it looks.
  • 2.75 MB
  • Not really anything else to say.
  • Too lazy to give this page a proper layout.


GFX PACK by Red Yoshi and supermarioman

Big Boo edit was made by StraightFlame


Ghost Trick - The Last Desperate Struggle

modarchive Story - Ending theme

Reviews MKII

I swore I editited this, rejecting it for being too short. Oh well, rejecting again. -SAJewers | 21:28 ADT, October 29, 2015

Approved by Willhart

REJECTED - WestonSmith (November 11 2015)

REJECTED - Too much enemy spam. I've seen some of the other reviewers say the level's too short, but this would be insane if it were made longer because of all the enemy spam. In order to survive, I had to do blind drops and even that was dangerous. Sheath breezes through this, though. If this level is to be made longer, the enemy density needs to be decreased. - Ztarwuff 14/11/2015

Rejected by 8flight

Judging (EP1)

I approve only with changes.  Medium difficulty because it's so short.  The level lagged on me a fair amount.  The folder set-up is not right.


Seemsd OK, but it's awfully short. I feel like this could be expanded. Approved provided you add a powerup at the start. -SAJewers | 12:31 ADT, August 21, 2013

While in most cases I would agree in adding a power-up in the level, I think it might make the level too easy as the player could tank a hit and make reaching the bottom easier. Because the level is really short I think it's fine as it is. The big boo graphic also looks a bit glitched up due a bug in paint, but that can be easily fixed later.

Approved by me. -sturgyman 6:02 PM 9/15/2013 (MDT)

So it's been discussed about for a bit, and it has been decided that it needs to be a bit longer. At the moment, the level would most likely be placed in a early world, and we already have our quota for early game levels. If you could make it longer, that'd help a lot. Right now, we're going to place this in the approved with changes section if you want to make it longer, but if you don't we'll save it for Episode 2.

Sorry for the inconvenience. :(

-sturgyman 10:47 AM 9/16/2013 (MDT)