I Took this over, made the necessary fixes, and made it doable with all characters. Level is virtually the same, outside of changing a few things that weren't possible with Kood and Sheath, making the second half the same theme, and removing/changing a few enemies. -SAJewers

A level created by Markus E-bear using the A2MBXT Devkit with a lot of trees that grow big and tall through it all!


  • 1 exit
  • 5 Raocoins
  • 4 1-ups
  • 4 area's
  • 1 midpoint
  • Demo only (may change)


All the sprites not default from the A2MBXT Devkit were created by Markus E-bear

All music comes from A2MBXT Devkit

Original Reviews


Approved by Willhart

Rejecting. Why Demo Only? The few powerups you give are in terrible spots. 2nd half was more frustrating than it needed to be. 3up is a dick move. You can break the ascent at the end with Ice. The ascent is impossible if you kill the Goopa with fire. -SAJewers | 14:08 ADT, November 14, 2015

REJECTED - WestonSmith (November 22 2015)

Judging (EP1)

There's a bit of an oversight here: The red goopa that controlls the lava at the end can be killed with fire or ice. With fire, it's almost impossible to reach the next platform. With Ice, you can just freeze him and jump to the next platform without triggering the lava.

Not sure I like the dick move that is the-up, but you do get lives out of it, so I guess it's ok.

I don't like leevls that don't give you powers near the start or midpoint, and the first powerup from the start is quite a ways away. Consider adding in a powerup closer to the start. Also look into using LunaDLL to filter  Demo-only, though I question why it needs to be Demo-only, as this should be doable as Iris, and Raocow at the very least.

The firebar in Section 3 is broken and needs to be fixed as well.

Approved with changes. -SAJewers | 20:44 ADT, September 1, 2013

Pretty much everything SAJewers had said with the addition that the 1st firebar in section 4 should be moved ahead a bit since it's a cheap obstacle that takes the player by suprise the 1st time playing.

But yeah, approved with changes. -sturgyman 4:07 PM 9/13/2013 (MDT)

For the lava control part put some invisible axes in the place to trigger the event of lava. The 1st firebar will damage you if you don't know if it's there. Also fix the other firebar. -8flight approved with changes