A level in the style of Turrican. Required the use of all characters to collect everything, but should be beatable with any.


Music: Metal Remix of The Wall from Turrican 2 by Aki Jarvinen

Bkg: Modified vkg found in the RedYoshi Pack

Gfx: Taken from a level called "Eruptional Channel", presumably part of a graphics pack.


Uses a gimmick of being able to switch characters on the fly. Double-tap Down to activate.


Wow, I had a lot of fun with this level. The exploration was pretty fun, and the ability to switch between characters makes it pretty great too. Is there any indication that the player should double tap down though? The only hint I could probably see is the "Kneel before your master," but that's still pretty vague. It's kind of a bummer that power-ups are connected to each player (so if Iris is big then Kood is also big), it'd be neat if each character could stock up on their own power-ups, but that's totally not necessary. Probably one of the biggest things I would try to change is the addition of background objects and scenery. I would love it if the different parts of the cave would look different instead of looking similar. If you could add some scenery as to indicate you're somewhere different, that'd be awesome. And while there are places where there is scenery, I would add some more, just don't make each area too similar with each other. Also, some of the bacgrounds (like the gray rocks) are placed in a way on the ground that it looks like they're floating. Just un-check the 'auto-align' function and replace them so it looks like thy're inside the ground.

I don't know if it's just me or does the bottom piece of the main tileset look a bit strange? It just looks skinnier than the rest of the tileset. The same kind of goes with the bottom corners. Also, what's the yellow switch mouse for? Is that just there to be an enemy, or is there a yellow switch somewhere. Finally, you used some SMB3 regular para-goombas, in which when you stomp on them, turn into books.

I'm not sure how to indicate that there are two stars in the level. There'll be a HUB like thing for that, right?

Approved after some changes (the addition of scenery isn't necessary for approval though).

-sturgyman 6:10 PM 8/6/2013 (MDT)

  • I would've liked to have each character keep their own powerups as well. Kil did the programming, and I'm assuming it's not possible. I'll see what I can do with the background and scenery. As for the block stuff, I'd ahree, but I didn't make the graphics. Maybe I should get somoene to fix those up? The Yellow Mouse is there for a moving platform later in the level. -SAJewers | 21:27 ADT, August 6, 2013