Guide to ASMBXT's Passwords

In addition to secret exits, players can find passwords hidden away in certain levels. Typing these passwords into the game launcher grants access to a variety of extras, including:

  • Cheat Codes
  • Artwork
  • Developer Commentary
  • Silly Humor
  • Hints for other levels
  • ... and more!

Password Guidelines

For level designers looking to include a password, the requirements are:

  • Must be physically located in the level (not in a hidden text file in your level folder or other such nonsense)
  • 1 password per level
  • Passwords must be 8 characters long, no numbers or special characters (like underscores, commas, or parentheses)
  • Must be displayed in text that's visible long enough to be written down or memorized (examples include a NPC message box, event message, custom graphics, etc.) It cannot be part of the music, or conveyed through interpretive NPC dance, etc. Acceptable alternatives include spelling it out in coins, as long as they're not in a position where they'll be quickly collected, ruining the text. (Hint: Make the coins Friendly and they can't be collected!)

Total number of passwords to be decided at a later date.

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