Level content

- One to three exits;

- 0 or 5 dragon coins;

- 0-1 midpoint;

- If using a gimmicky overpowered power up, such as the blue boot, filter it before the end;

- No limits of 1-UP, but go easy on it, no need to make a level that gives 99 lives for no effort.

Level end

All exists to a level (including secrets) should contain a SMB3 Power Star (the kind of that finishes the level), akin to STTB1. It's not required to have the black background from SMB3, but you can use it if you want to.

File size

Max of 8mb per level, including music and graphics.

Quality Assurance

We won't have a rigid quality assurance. We will accept a level that is:

- playable;

- finishable;

- worksafe;

- don't use copyrighted music (as in music that won't set off the Youtube Content ID system);

- respect all of the above rules.

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