Explore a big tree that's spewing bad green water everywhere !

My very first level, it's mainly about running and jumping, pretty simple stuff.

Difficulty should be medium to easy,because even though i find some parts kinda challenging i'm assuming most people are better players than me.

Only playable with demo (filter at the beginning), has a midpoint and a leek for the end.

Powerups make it much much easier (you can kill all the plants) but it doesn't really "break" the level, i'm wondering if i should add a powerup filter or not. Yoshis don't appear to break any part, might make you skip a jump here and there but that's about it.

Overall, give me feedback on difficulty and lenght, i tried to make it simple, easy-ish and fair, hopefully it is.


After the first two reviews i went back and changed a few things, so now the midpoint has a filter, the lava is green poison, the lava filter is slightly higher and i also removed a few useless sprites from the first tree section.

Thanks for the judging btw ! :)

  • UPDATE 2

Added some fire flowers in the level (where it matters).

Placed stuff under each plant to indicate them.

Music Credits

"Stirring the Forest" Part of the Final Fantasy IX Soundtrack (Disc 1)



First off, let me just say that I love the amount of effort you have appeared to put into this, especially the scenery. I kind of wish other folks put as much effort in creating an atmosphere as you do. Nice job! There were some slight issues with the level but nothing too bad:

  • There are many pirahna plants that come out from the ground. For the most part, this is fine for me, but some of them sort of camoflouge with the scenery, making for some cheap hits. There's one in particular in the 1st section where this occurs. Also, while I'm fine with having plants coming out of the ground and not from pipes, others might not feel the same way.
  • There's no character filter at the mid-point. Since you had one at the beginning I would think there should be one there as well.
  •  I find it a bit stange that while there's a gimmick of poisonous water, lava suddenly appears in the second half. You don't need to change this, I just found it peculiar.
  • On the second spiny jump portion, could you move the lava filter higher? It's pretty easy to hit the lava on the ceiling since the jump is fairly tight.

That's it! Again, I commend you for make a great atmosphere, I loved it! Approved after some changes.

-sturgyman 1:33 PM 8/8/2013 (MDT)

I approve.  Medium difficulty.  I love being able to obliterate stuff with all the planted coins.  The only issue I found is that once the lower donut block was missing that you need to climb up once you're inside the tree.  It only happened once, though.


Alrighty, this gets my approval.

-sturgyman 5:05 PM 8/20/2013 (MDT)

41 minutes in Approved.Septentrion Euchoreutes (talk) 19:30, August 21, 2013 (UTC)

Only complaints with this level are the Pirhana Plants bot comming out of pipes (it's considered bad design by many), as I feel there should be some sort of warning that they are there, and there are no teir 2 powerups (fire and tail/cape). Other than that, this has a real nice asthetic.  Add in a couple fire flowers and add some sort of warning for the plants not in pipes. Approved with those changes. -SAJewers | 23:18 ADT, August 21, 2013