A silly idea for an extremely short level. Players must carry a stone from one end of the stage to the other. And the stone generates a forcefield.


Stone Graphics - fallingsnow

Critique/Suggestions - KingTwelveSixteen, Pholtos, SAJewers

Last Updated

  • July 4
    • Players can no longer skip the rock
    • Minor cosmetic changes
    • Fixed text on sign to match correct lyrics
    • Added note to FORCEFIELD ACTIVATE indicating that players should HOLD the run button to avoid tossing the rock. Hope this helps alleviate that issue.


This is actually quite nice. However, you missed one of the lava effect graphics, which you should probably fix. If you're still looking for custom music, I have a buch I might have no use for. SAJewers (talk) 15:29, June 23, 2013 (UTC)

I approve.  A very easy and short level.


I found a bug. If you allow Bowser's fire to hurt you, get a power up, than move around, the lava barrier isnt around you anymore. Doing this then rushing the two sections. Placing the rock in the shell generator, and killing the boom booms allows you to get unlimited lives.

Heres a vid if you have no idea what im talking about:


Well dernit. That certainly is doable. I suppose the possible solutions then are:

1) Remove Bowser

2) Remove the 1-Ups

3) Change the rock so that it can't block shells.... though this probably wouldn't fix much

Thanks for pointing this out! I'll fix it ASAP.