Boss level for World 4 in Episode 2. Original level by EntropyRought, with a level by Straightflame merged in, and all fixed up by SAJewers.

This is a jungly level, that starts with some basic platforming, and is then followed by a skull raft section, which then takes you to an EPIC* boss battle, leading you to an escape with angel girl. =====(*It's boom boom.) =====

Difficulty: Mediumish

Exits: Just one, a SMB2 orb.

Raocoins: There are 5 in the level.

All resources are from the default A2MBXT Dev kit.


-Changed doors in the underground portion to pipes

-Changed the escape sequence so there's less waiting

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Old Reviews


Rejected - FrozenQuills

1st screen - placing a bush graphic on top of a buried raocoin graphic is just mean. If I hadn't seen it in the editor, I would have never noticed it was even there.
2nd screen - too much cut off. Also I'm entirely unsure about the first raocoin in that area. Some players might interpret that raocoin as indicatve of the ground below it being safe, which is not the case.
3rd screen - that key is such a red herring. I died several times for nothing. Also far too many homing Goopas in an otherwise lacklustre section where it's possible to be ambushed by unmarked podobos.
4th screen  - lava too fast in an otherwise tight spammy flying section.
I cannot help but notice that these were all mentioned before by SAJewers over two years ago. Whatever were the chances of this level ever being approved?
Ztarwuff 17:56, December 21, 2015 (UTC)

Rejected by Pyro


While the level design is pretty nice, I'm still unsure about the graphical decesion seen in section 2, what with all the cut-off. I'm personally against cut-off and think it looks ugly. Though, I'mn going to wait for someone else to give their opinion on the graphics before I vote (although I've already seen Holy's video I want another confirmation before I vote).

-sturgyman 8:46 PM 7/17/2013 (MDT)

Approved with the following necessary changes (otherwise rejected):

  • The Toads need to be player-neutral. Their lines will not make sense if you are not playing as Demo ir Iris.
  • Fix the cutoff, it's very ugly, and destracting.
  • Remove the Key from Section 3, there's no indication you need the key, while it's it's placed in a spot generally indicating a secret exit. Add in the face you can lose the Raft trying to grab it, it needs to go.
  • The flying section is way too tight and precise, plus you're dead if you touch anything. Way too many times I got screwed over by something, and it's not fun replaying that secion dozens of times over. Loosen that section up and make it easier.

-SAJewers | 20:01 ADT, August 23, 2013

I think SAJewers covers everything that should be changed, including the cut-off, so approved with changes.

-sturgyman 12:18 AM 9/1/2013 (MDT)