Out of Season

A wintery level with mismatching SMW "fall" enemies, featuring pools of ice that lower temporarily with a ? Switch and a secret underground leek.


GFX: Tonberry2k(ripped Masked Koopas), gorsal(ripped Saw Pokey), Rapid the Hedgehog(Splunkin sprites), Guinea(Some of the tileset borrowed from his SMBDDX fangame)


All Raocoins are above ground, but some of them are invisible until the P-Switch is hit, as they are intended to be gotten in a P-Switch rush, and they would turn into bricks instead otherwise. They require more than one press of the switch to obtain, and might be difficult for some characters.

All Raocoins are now placed in a path leading to the right upper area that was originally useless. As the switch isn't a P-Switch anymore, they don't turn into bricks and thus don't have any funny business.

The normal exit causes the left side of the level to cut off in an attempt to teleport both players to the goal for the SMB1 style walk to the right, it works in most cases but may act up under certain hard to test 2-player setups. A message box instructing how to manually finish the goal scene will pop up should issues happen.

As 2-Player is seemingly not taken into account for A2MBXT, I have removed the rather glitchy teleport. There is a small chance the non-goal taking player may walk themselves into a pit or enemy, but otherwise the goal should act fine most of the time. If the player uses a mount, they might duck in place for a short time before finishing the goal. If they still manage to mess things up, a friendly message points them to activating the exit manually.

The level features a secret exit leek that requires either decent skill or a little preparation to get to, it's plausible to reach the pipe without defeating the Boos in the way, but it is far easier to either defeat them with a shell or the Hammer Suit that is required in the secret exit. a little bit of skill or prep, with what I believe is a decent bit of leeway.

The secret path currently ends with a mock-miniboss fight that spawns a leek when defeated, if that clashes with how secret exits work, it would be easy to replace. Going with a later edit that was made the leek is a non-exit leek with a path up to a Raocoin the player may have missed.


To me, the secret exit feels really stupid and dumb. To me it really detracts from the level. The break the ice gimmick is also IMO too obtuse. As mentioned by Joppel, this midpoint is really lopsided. The upper cloud area seems really pointless, and needs to be spruced up. The sewction with the ghosts before the fine I don't like, and I feel should be changes. A neat idea that required some changes, but I can't approve it because it just pales in comparison to other levels I've tested. Right now, I have to reject. If you fix things up, I might approve. -SAJewers | 11:57 ADT, July 6, 2013

I don't know what you guys are talking about at all, I enjoyed this level lot. This one is way better then some of the ones I've seen. I do agree with the mid-point though, it's a tad too early in the level. I would place it in the clouds, since there's nothing much going on up there. I would also add a lot of obstacles in the cloud section, to make it more interesting. I'd decrease the amount of enemies in the 1st line of enemies, so that just isn't an easy 1-up. I also thought the secret exit was easy to understand. The blocks looked crumbled, the level gives you a hammer suit, you break through. Seems easy to me.

Approved with changes by me.

-sturgyman 3:53 PM 8/9/2013 (MDT)

Replayed this level. After a second try, it seemd ok, aside from the lopsided midpoint, and the somewhat pointless cloud section. Changing vote to approved with changes, and agreeing sturgyman. -SAJewers | 13:23 ADT, September 2, 2013