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It's a boss rush level that uses every character.

Edited, but I really don't want to change Wart.  I usually beat Wart in under a minute.

@sturgyman I will edit stuff, but I don't think that you tried throwing the Banzai Bills.  It's supposed to be harder to use that glitch than it is to just throw them.


It ends with a Leek.

It is a boss rush level.

Judging MkII

I'm not accepting this level. It's not fun to play at all.

  • Is the filter at the start necessary? It feels out of place.
  • Starting with 6 Boom Boom fights? I'll just skip this level straight up. Better luck next time.
  • The toaster room (s4) looks like hell. Vanilla boss rush levels should have something more to them.


Rejected. Pretty much aggreeing with Willhart here.

  • The filters should just be done via code.
  • First room is just a bunch of Boom-Booms, nothing special at all. It's just really annoying
  • The Tower of Birdos is really unfun.
  • the Larry/Mouser room, is, again nothing special, just annoying.
  • The Bowser room is is boring, as you wait for the Bill to kill it
  • The Ludwig room is, again, annoying. I don't know how you'd do it legit (spoiler: I got annoyed by this level and godmoded through it to see the rest of it)
  • The Wart room is a boring "wait for shells, then tail-swipe them back" mess
  • The double bowser room is again, not interesting at all.
  • I didn't find the Mother Brain room to be that funny at all.

-SAJewers | 22:47 ADT, September 28, 2015

Judging Ep1

Approved Level With Changes. This is a REALLY creative level with purely vanilla resources (really! Not a single graphic replacement or txt file AI modifier!). It even looks fantastic. The composition is great and, really, the whole "I beat you, now you join my team" elements are just spectacular - beating a boss is fun partially because of finding out the unique gimmicks, but also because you want to see what they say next. I only have three minor comments. First, Wart's battle is WAY too hard. Even with the tip you provide after you win, it's still extremely difficult - and the annoying kind of difficult too since most of the difficulty comes from trying to keep a million things in your vision at a time and you feel like you lose control. My suggestion would be to add a wall behind Wart so that the shells can hit him twice AND give you the ability to get the shell back if you are quick enough. I actually just tested this and it makes the battle a lot easier, even with the boo generator as quick as it is. Since Wart has SO many hits, this will also make it seem like less, which is good since as-is the battle dragged on for awhile longer than was fun. Second, this is hardly a full boss rush =P. Where's Mother Brain?! Since she's ALWAYS annoying, basically no matter what, due to her ten hits... I was thinking it might be cute to have her be a feebie battle at the end. Summon all the unusual bosses and have them basically bomb her. Bowsers throws hammers, mouser throws bombs, etc. That way she dies quickly and it gives pay-off for all that wonderful "you joined my team" set-up. It'd also just be funny. Third, you may want to remove some of the Birdos in the Birdo battle. In general it was fine, but once you get the gimmick, you get the gimmick. I'd say if you remove one from each tower, you'd be peachy. This one is entirely optional of course (as was the second, if we're being honest). Horikawa Otane (talk) 05:14, July 3, 2013 (UTC)

Rejected. I'm sorry, there was just a lot of stuff that I didn't like about the level in general. First off, the entirety of the level feels like one tedious task after another. While some of the boss ideas were clever, a majorty of them are not as much, which makes defeating the boss feel like a chore. Not to mention, dying is terrible in this level, as it could possibly take awhile to defeat the same bosses you've defeated over and over again.

The 1st boss room is just a boom-boom room, the entire gimmick of this room is that more boom-booms spawn after you defeat boom-booms. This was also done in a level in ASMBXT, and people we're pretty annoyed by it since it just wastes the players time due to it being monotonous to play through over and over again due to dying to later obstacles. It doesn't help that dying is just as much of a threat as it is anywhere else.

The second boss room is the Birdo spam room. Seriously, there are way too many Birdos placed in this room. Sheath also has a lot of truble maneuvering left and right that trying to destroy the Birdos' projectiles from both left and right at the same time becomes a suprisingly difficult task. The best way to get through this room, is to tank a hit, jump on a tower of Birdos, and just start spamming down thrust. Even then, there is some much that can go wrong in this room that it's, for the majority, random.whether you'll die or not due to the strange nature of Birdo's eggs, and how the Birdo's react once they are hit. Move the Birdo's in a position in which Sheath can actually have a chance at not taking a hit, get rid of some Birdos, or both.

The third boss room just seems really lazy since you only placed Mouser and Larry in the room, with the pointless gimmick of using the bombs Mouser throws to your advantage. It's pointless since the two bosses never come in contact with each other, and there's no need to worry about two bosses at once. You can just concentrate on Larry (who for some reason is much easier in tight spaces), and then concentrate on throwing bombs. It doesn't seem that creative and kind of looks like an experimentation with mixing two bosses together.

The fourth boss room is my least favorite out of all of them. First off, I personally think that 'level wrap' + the metroid shooter is a bit too much. These two combined allows for several projectiles to be on the screen at once and it makes dodging them a real pain. Second, the fact that the banzai bill can be easily destroyed by the metroid shooters, not to mention that it takes several seconds before it spawns another one. Trying to keep the banzai bill to kill Bowser while dodging projectiles that destroy the bill is very tedious since Bowser takes like twenty hits with the bill to die. It's just not fun. My suggestion for this room, is to get rid of that metroid shooter, as it's already fairly difficult without it, or you can use a different character there like Demo or Iris who do not pick up things over their head which makes destroying them easier.

The fifth room I thought was pretty creative actually, probably my favorite one. Taking advantage of raocow's fireball characteristics was pretty cool and I thought it was clever.

The sixth room is kind of cheap on the first try. You have no idea hat to expect in this room, but once you enter it, you're suddenly hit by a generated shell flung towards you. There's no time to react  to this on the 1st try, since you have no idea it's there. But once you do, then the rest of the boss fight is pretty much easy. Because of SMBX's glitch of being able to continuously hit a boss with an object while holding it, this makes Wart really easy and short-lived.

The seventh one is another projectile festival, it's also a potential life farm too. With the never end spawn of koopas, you can most likely rack up lives, though I haven't tested this so i'm not sure. Again, the level wrap makes this boss room a projectile fest since Bowser's flames go all over the place. That's all there is to really say about that room.

The last room was pretty humorous.

There were also a few spelling errors too, but I would worry about the main level design since it really needs a lot of fixing up. -sturgyman 1:12 PM 9/13/2013 (MDT)

I only have issues with the Boom Boom, Birdo, and Wart Rooms. Boom Boom can spawn on top on the player which it something the should really be avioded. Boom Boom should be completely retought since there is nothing special in this room.

Birdo seems mostly just spam.

Wart's health should be reduce with LunaDLL.

Accepted with changes Septentrion Euchoreutes (talk) 20:59, September 19, 2013 (UTC)

Approved with changes

Boom Boom-add a ceiling on top where they spawn and put one hole in there so they don't spawn on your head.

Birdo-This is just a repeptive boss which you have no choice and tank it

Wart-yay i just entered the room and got hit by a shell. Put the projectile generator into a warp gnerator