== A gimmick level: players must travel over a bottomless pit on two "Note Blocks" (actually modified Springboards). Intended to be challenging without being (overly) frustrating. Good reflexes can save you, but its likely going to require practice more than anything to get through. Features two courses and two exits.


SMB3 Orange Note Block - Yoshi Island

To Do

  • Playtest
  • Adjust difficulty (less memorization, more reflexes)
  • Visual flair (woooooo)
  • Custom Music (Optional)


I approve.  The only thing that is really wrong is that the final pipe exit on course 2 is going from above.  This isn't wrong, but when you get hit by the saws that jump a little bit they begin to jump really high.


I'm fairly hesitant to approve the level, since they are some yucky issues that come from this level. The noteblocks themselves are a tad glitchy, if you accidentally touch the side, you instantly die. If you get hit by anything in the level, the noteblocks still move without you, which caused several deaths for me. Also the noteblocks look more pointy on the corners when they should appear rounded out. Lv27MarkerMMan already mentioned the pipe issue.

Approved after some changes.

sturgyman 9:31 PM 7/10/2013 (MDT)

Out of your four levels, this is probably your weakest level. I'll approve it, however, do not be surprised if we hold back on this level to get a level by someone else in. -SAJewers | 11:29 ADT, July 20, 2013

I'm actually surprised that this is the level that's getting the boot. To me, this was the strongest of the four levels. Pet Rock is a joke, EHASEY is fairly bland to play, and Load Bearing Bricks is more proof of concept than anything else (heck, its still fairly glitchy). 

Anyways, I'm fine with it being benched if need be. I'll either re-work it for episode 2 or else move it into my own episode. Thanks for the critiques/advice everyone!

~Weston Smith (July 20/2013)