This is definitely a level close to the beginning. Most of the "meat" of the level is in the secret area.

May 24 Update: Made the entrance for the secret area more obvious. Also a minor change to the secret area itself.

May 26 Update: Removed Banzai Bill and made the final area less cluttered. Decreased the amount of ring shooters overall. Secret entrance is less obvious but not impossible to find now.

June 3 Update: Made the secret entrance ever so slightly apparent.

June 6 update: hidden entrance pipe is long "behind the black"

July 14 micro-update: added the elusive second i in "administrative"



The level does have a substantial difference in difficulty between the exits but I'm accepting it anyway.


Pretty simple level, the level is what is says it is, nice and easy. I have no idea how you're supposed to do it with Sheath though, SAJewers used hax.  Only error I found was that "adminstrative" should be spelled "administrative," at least that's what I assuming the messages mean. Unless it's something new? But yeah, approved after small little change.

-sturgyman 2:44 PM 7/12/2013 (MDT)