A level that attempts to induce a classic SMW feel, down to the way secrets are found and the types of enemies seen at a time, but adds a SMBX touch to it.


Note: Old version was massively out-of-date. Used to be called Time For a Romp!

Version 2.1

-Added a midpoint.

-Changed music to be copyright friendly (Hopefully).

21:55 CST, November 9, 2015

Version 2.1b

-Added proper meta tags and formats to music.

02:42 CST, November 11, 2015

Version 2.2

-Modified music once more. (Nintendo is really dropping the ball.)

-Changed background to better fit music.

00:39 CST, November 14, 2015

Version 2.3

-At Weston's recommendation, P-Switch was lowered, and the music volume was increased.

23:02 CST, November 15, 2015


Rejecting. This level just felt uncohesive. None of the little sections feel in place at all; it just feels like you stuck small parts together randomly. The Nintendo-owned music has to go as well. I don't want to deal with them probably ContentID flagging their music. -SAJewers | 18:41 ADT, November 9, 2015

Haven't played the revised version, but you do need to use OGG vorbis instead of MP3, and correct add in the metadata for title/author/album. I'll re-review once that's done.-SAJewers | 23:57 ADT, November 10, 2015

  • Better, but Xenoblade Chronicles is still Nintendo Music. -SAJewers | 22:21 ADT, November 13, 2015

APPROVED - WestonSmith (November 15 2015)

Approved by Pyro

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