My second SMBX level ever! This is significantly easier than my first level, but I used some fancy autoscroll and pipe warps. XD Anyway, the details...

Difficulty: Hard

Music: Nezumiman - Dr. Gyoniku Stage 1

Updates: - Updated the download link with what should be the correct format.

- Slightly upped the difficulty because I thought it was a little too easy.

- Moved some things around to remove some cheapness in difficulty.

- Removed the conveyor belt at the start of the level to avoid possible glitches.

- Added some power-ups,made it so you can't touch the Rinka shooter by the tall ladder, and just generally just moved some things around to touch the level up.


Cool, another hard level. Definitely should be used for late game stuff.

  • Near the end of the level where you have to break the last glass block to get to the room with the star, you can accidentually hit the big pirahna plant once, go right, and then the plant will come back and you'll be trapped since the plant won't move anymore (at least I think it doesn't). This happened to me once by accident but I thought it was pretty funny when it did. You can change this if you want but you don't have to.
  • The music kind of bothers me, since it starts off really slow and smooth, which really contradicts with the gameplay. I would change it, but I'll let someone else judge that in case that it's just me.

Approved by me for now unless someone else thinks the music is unfitting.

-sturgyman 6:14 AM 9/4/2013 (MDT)

Another hard and enjoyable level. I don't see any issues in your level. Approved-8flight

I am not a fan of levels with tight chokepoints. That said, this level seems ok. However, if=n section 1, consider removing most of the rotodisks, to make it slightly more fair for the player, especially the tight areas. Also remoe the random grass. It makes it seems like there's land there, when there isn't. Section 2 feels really spammy, meanwhile. The thriw block need to be generated, otherwise you can waste the supply there and be stuck. Remove the Caterpiller after warp 3, as you can get screwed over if you land on it. Also remove at least one of the Fire spitting plants in that same area. It's spammy enough with the lava frogs. Also, there's barely any powerups, considering the difficulty, you need to add more, especially in section 2..

This needs a lot of work, but with work, this can be quite a good level. -SAJewers | 21:48 ADT, September 24, 2013

I honestly don't really agree with a lot of that (and apparently the two other judges don't, either). I suppose I can remove the caterpillar, but even then I found this level not THAT difficult to complete. The throw blocks also seem fair, as I generally give you about two chances to miss. After that, it's kinda your fault if you mess up (especially because you can hit the glass more that one time with one block), so a punishment is justifiable, I feel. If removing the caterpillar and possibly one Venus Fire Trap isn't enough to get it approved, I recommend just not putting the level in the final product as I feel that the level is fine. Thanks for reviewing, nonetheless!

- Louiejub