A basic run and jump level with a layer gimmick; breaking a block causes the stage to collapse. Playing as small Mario helps, but playing as Super Mario is completely doable. Enemies will attempt to break the bricks as well.


None, as of this point.

To Do

  • Playtest
  • Expand Level (Optional)
  • Custom Music (Optional)


I approve.  Medium difficulty.  If you make it to the top of the collapsing tower in the second part you get nothing for it.  Sheath is very interesting in this level because only Sheath's attacks will break blocks.


Great level. Strangely this is the 1st level that has made me not want power-ups. Also, trying to play as Sheath is hilarious since she's clumsy and runs or stabs blocks all the time. You can also be a butt like me and accidentually hit a block where the mid-point is. But yeah, approved yo.

-sturgyman 8:34 PM 7/10/2013 (MDT)

✓ -SAJewers | 11:27 ADT, July 20, 2013