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Unfinished/WIP levels

Unfinished/WIP levels should go here.

Level Name Level Author Download
Bellissimo Schloss del Mundo Chaotique ztarwuff D/L
Fish Fortress SAJewers D/L
Demo vs. the Goopinati Pyro/rockythechao D/L
Shadow of the Erebus Holy/rockythechao D/L
Hope Rides Alone cadwyn/SAJewers D/L
Aquatic Grotto rockythechao D/L
Overgrown Underground EntropyRogue/SAJewers/StraightFlame D/L
Busty Cave SMCslevelengine D/L
this level is canon raocow D/L
Temple of Stupid Dusk209/SAJewers D/L


Awaiting Review

Finished submitted levels should go here. Do not approve levels unless you are an authorized reviewer. Do not place levels here unless submissions are open.

Level Name Level Author Download
The Fearamid Skulldug13 D/L
Bubble Trouble RoundTheWheel D/L
Get Schooled rockythechao D/L

Approved Levels

These levels have been approved for Episode 2. Do not add or remove levels to this list unless you are an authorized reviewer.

Level Name Author Download Signed off by
Totally Trollied Mata Hari D/L SAJewers
Iceberg Backyard duvi0 D/L SAJewers
Hakugyokurou kitikami D/L MECHDRAGON777
Demo's Journey Through Time Hoeloe D/L SAJewers
Irradiated Ice 7NameSam D/L Pyro
Sea Side Slumber WestonSmith D/L Pyro
FaceBlock Bound SpoonyBardOL D/L SAJewers
Mephisto's Cafe SAJewers D/L Pyro
Obstacle Course In a Cave Mikkofier D/L Willhart
Demo's Fluffy Dream Willhart D/L SAJewers
Ectoplasmania Holy D/L Willhart
LP Production Factory SAJewers D/L Pyro
Approaching the Sand Temple Raekuul D/L WestonSmith
Sea Turtle Sanctuary SpoonyBardOL D/L WestonSmith
Mangrove Cavern SpoonyBardOL D/L Pyro
Soaring Sawmill FrozenQuills D/L SAJewers
Mountian Descent SAJewers D/L Pholtos
What about railways? Wohlstand D/L Pyro
Monoland Mikkofier D/L Pyro
Accident Willhart D/L SAJewers
Jumping Castle Willhart D/L Pyro
The Second Longest Tree Willhart D/L SAJewers
Welcoming Season Willhart D/L Pyro
Muwha Awakenyourmind D/L 8flight
Sunrise Holy D/L pholtos
Starlight Resort: Grand Reopening Karatekid5 D/L SAJewes
Muffin Bluff MonkeyShrapnel D/L Pyro
Bat An Eye Oddwrath D/L SAJewers
Way Too Highrise Isrieri D/L WestonSmith
Frolic Mikkofier D/L 8flight
Frightening Factory Darkonius Mavakar D/L ztarwuff
Panic Attack in High Altitude Axon D/L SAJewers
A Day in the Life of raocow Imaynotbehere4long D/L Pyro
Abode of the Bunnies MonkeyShrapnel D/L WestonSmith
Industrial Pandemonium Axon D/L Pyro
Gravity Falls ztarwuff D/L 8flight
Desert Dash: Goopa Brigade! louiejub D/L 8flight
Awesome Moonlight Oasis Vinesaw Pool Party FrozenQuills D/L duvi0
Hillside Romp zmonbobbo / WestonSmith D/L duvi0
Fire Production Land Duvi0 D/L SAJewers
Super Cyclops Girl Pyro D/L SAJewers
The Ups and Downs of a Demo ztarwuff D/L 8flight
The Descent of Nine Hoeloe D/L SAJewers
field of goopers 1 Pyro D/L Minnakht
Flip Block Skyway cramps-man D/L FrozenQuills
Night Light Fright WestonSmith D/L FrozenQuills
The Shrine Under the Sea Validon98 D/L 8flight
Entropy Engine sedron D/L Pyro
Shoe Zone 3 CastlePokemetroid D/L SAJewers
Coral Climb duvi0 D/L Pyro
Lynari Desert Mabel D/L Pyro
Ann Brown and the Fountainhead Axon D/L FrozenQuills
Sheath's Journey to Sheol duvi0 D/L SAJewers
Raocow's Workday Mikkofier D/L Pyro
Castle Climb During Wintertime louiejub D/L Pyro
Towards the New World Hoeloe D/L SAJewers
Rainbow Raft Ride CyberSymphonics D/L pholtos
Glum MrSecurity / SAJewers D/L FrozenQuills
Frenzy Citadel duvi0 D/L FroenQuills
Dark Prince Willhart D/L 8flight
Let's go Backwards Tacoradical D/L Hoeloe
The Ninji Gravity Machinery Store lucasadrianogb D/L SAJewers
Everyone Hates Ninjis FrozenQuills D/L Hoeloe
Merano Holy D/L FrozenQuills
ANMT Unaniem D/L duvi0
Claustrophobia Unaniem D/L duvi0
Ice Block Drop WestonSmith D/L ztarwuff
It is 5 AM Unaniem D/L FrozenQuills
Sky Block Castle cramps-man D/L SAJewers
Desert Fun Awakenyourmind D/L ztarwuff
Peaceful Snowy Night Pyro D/L Hoeloe
Soaring Sawmill FrozenQuills D/L WestonSmith
Bog Standard arabsalmon D/L Pyro
Side Crawler's Climb SAJewers D/L Pyro
Break the Needle Cyclops 128-Up D/L FrozenQuills
Amazing Plumber Nightmare 64 ztarwuff D/L SAJewers
rocks sticking out of a lake raocow D/L SAJewers
SKULLDUGGERY Friendly Dictator D/L Ztarwuff
a stroll through the forest Griflion D/L SAJewers
DAMNage and Damnation XutaWoo D/L SAJewers
The "Fall" Of Demo PlatinumTriforce/SAJewers D/L Pyro
Ew, These Non-Newtonian Fluds are Orange! HenryRichard D/L SAJewers
Frozen Shell Factory Dusk209/SAJewers D/L ztarwuff
Resilient Nature Markus_E-bear/SAJewers D/L Pyro
Cliffship Canyon Darkonius64 D/L Ztarwuff
Hazy Maize Cave gameguy888 D/L ztarwuff

Canned Levels

These levels were submitted, but havesubsequently been removed from consideration. Do not remove levels to this list unless authorized.

Level Name Author Download Reason
Journey to Coin Heaven skyluigi2 D/L Use of Exit Leek twice
My Heartburn's For You louiejub D/L Removed by Author
Odd Boss Rush Lv27MarkerMMan D/L Removed by Author
The Lights in the Sky Jappio D/L Link no longer works D:
Layer Shenanigans Mari0s0 D/L Link no longer works D:
Let's Go Down! Zeshy D/L Link no longer works D:
Casual Progressions 8flight D/L Removed by Author
Valtteri's Fortstress: Overused Graphics Edition Wind D/L Rejected for Content, Was used in another Project
Retarded Volcano StraightFlame D/L Reused elsewhere
Typical Sky Level Jolpengammler D/L Link no longer works D:
Sheath and The Mysterious House Mikkofier D/L Creator requested removal.
Steve and George Go On Parade Dangtater D/L Poor Gameplay
Madness Place Acrowdofpeople D/L Confusing level design
War Machine Dangtater D/L Poor gameplay, messy level design
The Tiniest Castle Oddwrath D/L Uninteresting design
Gourd Power Lv27MarkerMMan


Too unbalanced and spammy
Blocky Interlude yesimbill D/L Uninteresting, strange design; unnecessary and non-indicated secret exit
All-Star Palace Omoru D/L Poor Level Design
Escalation KingTwelveSixteen D/L Poor Level Design
Tag Team Puzzle Lv27MarkerMMan D/L Poor Level Design
Deep Terror HarmfulGravemind D/L Poor Level Design
Sky Fleet PikkaRose D/L Poor Level Design, Poor Visual Design
Sweet Desert SeriousUguu D/L Poor Level Design, Bad Secret Exit
Goo's Gym InvisibleSandwich D/L Bland Level Design and Visuals
Arctic Fissure Alpherio D/L "Off" level design, numerous minor issues
The Chest (Level) Little Boo D/L Frustrating level design
Casually Underwater Anshwo D/L Extremely short length
Transitional Conversions MrSecurity D/L Distracting visuals, unfair level design
A Lock's Fate Jappio D/L Poor Gameplay
The Grand Rescue Dr. Freeman D/L Poor Level Design, Short Length
HISSATSU! Isrieri D/L Poor Level Design, Required Usage of a Cheat, Confusing Secret Exit
Duckpacolypse Skulldug13 D/L Poor Level Design, Typos, Massive File Size, Broken Graphics, Leftover Files, Missing Level File, Bad Secret Exit
Everything is a Stone Block Pyro D/L Inconsistent obstacles, poor background contrast
Elevator Of Rage Mabel D/L Frustrating design
Hidden Switch Palace Mabel D/L Too long. Frustrating design. Tendency to crash.
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