Submissions have been closed. Please wait for episode 2. Total Number of Levels: 110

Total Approved levels: 96

Submitted Levels

Queue: 0

Level Name Author Download Number of Judgements

Approved Levels

These levels have been approved for Episode 1 Levels Approved: 90

Level Name Author Download
1. 26th Place - AUS: "Level 1 - Winter City" AUS Download
2. Fun Times at the Laundromat Axon Download
3.  Johnson McCain and the Communists Axon Download
4 ShoeZone2 castlepokemetroid Download
5 Giant Egg Feenicks Download
6 A World One Level Septentrion_Pleiades Download
7 Static Life Willhart Download
8 Tall Tall Ghost House CyberSymphonics Download
9 Pet Rock WestonSmith Download
10 Forgotten World That We Just Remembered Cjn14 Download
11 A Short Stroll Doctor Shemp Download
12 Just Rusty! Willhart Download

13 Twinkle Tower

XutaWoo Download
14 Fruitcat Clouds Willhart Download
15 Everyone Has A Starman Except You WestonSmith Download
16 This Sounds Accurate Maiku Wotaharu Download
17 Floating Falls Tayeu Download
18 Action.rar Jolpengammler Download Update
19 The Good, The Bad and The Stupid raocow Download
20 Ohh No A Ghost Arfman Download
21 Abstract Assault Docopoper Download
22 Blue Surfer Doctor Shemp Download
23 Nice and Easy Mikkofier Download
24 Tutorial SAJewers Download
25 Cityrun Alpherio Download
26 Swimming in the Rain BeatBoxingBoo Download
27 Action of Syo and Bon Darkychao Download
28 The Plains of Ulysses Mad Dragondraikk Download
29 Another Castle Dragondraikk Download
30 Load Bearing Bricks WestonSmith Download
31 Family Reunion Holy Download
32 Canopy Journey Unaniem Download
33 Peculiar Night Unaniem Download
34 Fun With A Key Phencer42 Download
35 Spin! Pierce the Heavens! Freelop Download
36 Cinder Canyon Alpherio Download
37 Edge of the Night Menshay Download
38 Magma's Cove Gezo24 Download
39 SuperHigh Skyway Heavy Sigh Download
40 Wood Zone Netosmar Download
41 Castle of the World Moosh Download
42 A Shelter in the Snow? Diggertron Download
43 Retroville 8flight Download
44 Item Babysitting Horikawa Otane Download
45 MAKL Vanilla ztarwuff Download
46 Poison Tree Narolas Download
47 Grand Trunk Arena Minnakht Download
48 Unseen and mysterious future Jolpengammler Download
49 Monty Mole's Aerial Extravaganza Maiku Wotaharu Download
50 The Floor is Lava! Docopoper Download
51 Alternative Invasion Mikkofier Download
52 Fun Fungus Function Ometeotl Download
53 Pavlov Gold ztarwuff Download
54 The Tower Of Dr. Zalost Isrieri Download
55 The Depths of the T. Dimension Frozelar Download
56 Curtain Tortoise Joseph Staleknight Download
57 Baker Street Mabel Download
58 Crazed Circuitry Menshay Download
59 Koopa Time MonkeyShrapnel Download
60 Qraestolia Caverns SAJewers Download
61 Sheath Courage Returns SAJewers Download
62 Bronze Fortress Alpherio Download
63 The Descent Unaniem Download
64 The Subterranean Base GenoWhirled Download
65 Ghosts in Space Axon Download
66 Lightning in a Box Axon Download
67 Snowboardin' SAJewers Download
68 Sloppy Sands MonkeyShrapnel Download
69 Electrifying Eupotamics Sturgyman Download
70 Plant Zone MonkeyShrapnel Download
71 Sheath partakes in an interlude Mikkofier Download
72 Navel Of The Universe Louiejub Download
73 Omelet Jungle Mandew Download
74 Soggy Steelworks Heavy Sigh Download
75 Rainy Day Phoba555 Download
76 Out of Season DinnerSonic Download
77 Spooky Surprise Ghost House Moosh Download
78 Dense Jangle Vergalon Download
79 Sandy Sands oshaoshawott Download
80 Island Place That Somehow Floats StraightFlame Download
81 Superfluous Security Sedron Download
82 Slide Like You Mean It Joseph Staleknight Download
83 Wooden Platforms Hanging in the Sky Kuribo Download
84 The Triforce Trials GanonTEK Download
86 Final Level (Name Pending) Septentrion Pleiades Download
86 Just Another Screen 8flight fun. Download
87 Dark Side Of The Sun Louiejub Download
88 Party, Platform, and DODGE!! RedstarDirector/Sturgyman Download
89 Castle of the Above and Elsewhere Octagon Download
90 Jaybird & Quack! ~Doubt!^ Talkhaus


91 Pimp Yo Ride



92 Nevada Battle

93 Pandamona Battle

94 Garish Battle



95 Calleoca Battle Docopoper Download
96 Mishi test Willhart Download
97 Take It What Now? Vergalon Download

Approved Levels with Changes

These levels have been approved pendfing some changes. Levels still here after submissions have been closed will held over for Episode 2 Levels Approved with Changes: 16

Level Name Author Download
Bubble Trouble RoundTheWheel Download
Note Two Ways About It WestonSmith
The "Fall" Of Demo PlatinumTriforce Download
Overgrown Underground EntropyRogue Download
Retarded Volcano StraightFlame Download
Busty Cave SMCslevelengine Download
Gourd Power Lv27MarkerMMan


Escalation KingTwelveSixteen Download
Odd Boss Rush Lv27MarkerMMan Download
Blocky Interlude yesimbill Download
Obstacle Course In a Cave Mikkofier Download
Resilient Nature Markus_E-bear Download
Tag Team Puzzle Lv27MarkerMMan Download
Mechanized Mission Louiejub Download

Rejected Levels

These levels have been rejected Levels Rejected: 15

Level Name Author Download Reason
Topsy Turvy Zone 8flight Download Too Glitchy
Vertical Radish Festival CloudyCloud Download Difficulty, Visual issues
Fearsome Foundry GenoWhirled Download No Filtering of Blue Boot.
Border Between Up and Down Agent Emerald Download Bad design, Using exit NPC multiple tines.
Ghosted lucasadrianogb Download Too Glitchy, Difficulty
The level with no theme whatseover Kibbles Download Unfair design, No theme.
Colored Cavern yesimbill Download Easily Breakable.
Shellappaloosa Arfman Download A lot of unfair elements.
Extreme Lava Cave UberUtsi Download Boring, random, lopsided and just kind of unfun.
A Retro Level Retro Download Bugs, Multiple Midpoints, some design issues
Bananasnake Kingdom VGLizard Download Author's Request
Physics...Pfft KingTwelveSixteen Download Design Issues.
Ghostpowered Retro Download See: Murder Death Place Zone
Beetle Rush lucasadrianogb Download Too long and Too Hard
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