Isrieri's Level Reviews -- Version 1.0 (10/3/2014)

Total Number of Levels: 56

Level Name Author Download Link
What's Up? One Up! Shinoda Download
Skull Rafts Are Too Mainstream Moosh Download
Difficulty Switches jayScribble Download
BFF's lucasadrianogb Download
The life of a Demo lucasadrianogb Download
Chromaquiz Joseph Staleknight Download
Melancholy Desert Joseph Staleknight Download
The Lone Tower of the East Unaniem Download
Grassy Paint Willhart Download
Cream Soda Floats Joseph Staleknight Download
Dwaalspoor Unaniem Download
IT'S GOT A MIND OF ITS OWN!!! Dangtater Download
Breaking The Law Mikkofier Download
Alternative Rematch Mikkofier Download
Episode 3 Final Boss: Candidate 1 ztarwuff Download
World 1 Scumble Mikkofier Download
You Might Be In a Coma Mikkofier Download
The Chase Mikkofier Download
Here Come The Space Cops Isrieri
Chaos Collage Mikkofier Download
Adventure's End Septentrion Pleiades Download
Museum of the Elements KingTwelveSixteen Download
Assault on the Dark Lord's Castle KingTwelveSixteen Download
An Ordinary Superb Demo Sisters Level KingTwelveSixteen Download
Imik's Castle KingTwelveSixteen Download
A Castle Level Mikkofier Download
Shroom Samba Spelunking ztarwuff Download
Magma Musical WiiRool Download
Flower Tower Shower WestonSmith Download
Subterranean Sun Rusbojis Download
Velfa Library Mabel Download
The Coin And The Tanuki Mabel Download
Castle Of Time(No Relation) Mabel Download
Submerged Spaceway Heavy Sigh Download
The Forest at Night Holy Download
Drama Mastery ztarwuff Download
Sine WiiRool Download
Subsequent levels were Rejected in Ep2
Steve and George Go On Parade Dangtater D/L
Madness Place Acrowdofpeople D/L
War Machine Dangtater D/L
The Tiniest Castle Oddwrath D/L
Gourd Power Lv27MarkerMMan


Blocky Interlude yesimbill D/L
All-Star Palace Omoru D/L
Escalation KingTwelveSixteen D/L
Tag Team Puzzle Lv27MarkerMMan D/L
Deep Terror HarmfulGravemind D/L
Sky Fleet PikkaRose D/L
Sweet Desert SeriousUguu D/L
Goo's Gym InvisibleSandwich D/L
Arctic Fissure Alpherio D/L
The Chest (Level) Little Boo D/L
Casually Underwater Anshwo D/L
Transitional Conversions MrSecurity D/L
A Lock's Fate Jappio D/L
The Grand Rescue Dr. Freeman D/L
Duckpacolypse Skulldug13 D/L
Everything is a Stone Block Pyro D/L
Elevator Of Rage Mabel D/L
Hidden Switch Palace Mabel D/L
Subsequent levels were Rejected in Ep1
Topsy Turvy Zone 8flight Download
Vertical Radish Festival CloudyCloud Download
Fearsome Foundry GenoWhirled Download
Border Between Up and Down Agent Emerald Download
Ghosted lucasadrianogb Download
The level with no theme whatseover Kibbles Download
Colored Cavern yesimbill Download
Shellappaloosa Arfman Download
Extreme Lava Cave UberUtsi Download
A Retro Level Retro Download
Physics...Pfft KingTwelveSixteen Download
Ghostpowered Retro Download
Beetle Rush lucasadrianogb Download
Horse Abuse ztarwuff Download
Subsequent levels were Unfinished from ASMBXT
Reckless Nights ParuParu Download
HCD level Here comes Dracula Download
Castle Attack Neurario Download
MariWeegee Here comes Dracula Download
Lava Clouds Dangtater Download
Ghoul Parade XutaWoo Download
Show You Know Blivsey Download
Darkness Falls roundthewheel Download
Beach Episode Holy Download
Steve and George Go On Parade Dangtater Download
Upwards unnamed level Dangtater Download
Spin! Pierce the Heavens! Freelop Download
The Uncompleted Dare SAJewers Download
Save Willhart Download
Overbearing Temperatures aterraformer Download
Stuff in the Sky 8flight Download
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