Layer Shenanigans is pretty much the first level I have ever made.

Update August 21, 2013 : New Version found here

What to know

  • 2 Powerups at the start (+1 hidden)
  • contains one Red Boot (and a filter)
  • Instead of an autoscrolling level, we have a single Layer moving towards you
    • The purpose is that players are usually used to the physics of a normal autoscroll. I used a moving layer to "alter the physics" so that a normal playstyle doesn't quite work that well.
  • Length (in playtime): about 1m 30s


Music: Rumble Temple by yosiyosi

Old Judging

I'm going to give this an accepted rating, but you should really consider what I in the video(in the comments section). Right now this would be considered just short of a quality level. I mention all the issues I had in the video, and I highly recommending fixing some of them. -Septentrion Euchoreutes (talk) 20:55, July 11, 2013 (UTC)

Approved with changes.  A hard level.  I don't think your level file and folder naming is correct.  Also I think it would be a good idea to open up the roof above the escape from the lava part by at least one tile, but that may just be me.  Also Demo has serious issues if Demo lands on one of the lower platforms in the blue section because jumping boosts gained from momentum are killed by rubbing against a wall.


Pretty good level, there were a few things I want to point out that should probably be changed:

  • The level is pretty great right up till the lava boot part. I'm not sure why but the moving lava will shoot you forward sometimes and totally screw up with your movements. It's a lot harder to control than anything else in the level, so I'd redo that section a bit.
  • The file format is still not exact, but it's okay.

Approved with changes, particularly the lava section.

-sturgyman 7:47 PM 9/12/2013 (MDT)

That was a neat level. Except the lava section is hard to control because when your boot bounces you're propelled with momentum. Slopes also propell you with a little fowaard momemtum. Either get riid of boot in the lava secttion or get rid of the slopes in that section. Approved with changes -8flight

I'm not a fan of Autoscrolls at all, but I gave this one shot. I'm not sure why you used a layer scroll instead of an autoscroll, as the layer scroll screws with jumping, some might call that fake difficulty. Other than that I saw no real problems, though I only got as far as the SMB2 Platform section. If they have problems with the lava section, I'll trust them. Approved with Changes. -SAJewers | 23:02 ADT, September 24, 2013

Reworked the Level a bit since most of the complaints where actually true. Added some 1-ups and a platform in the blue section so it isn't almost impossible for Demo anymore.


New Judging

Folder name incorrect. The first buzzsaw needs to be removed. This level is too much too soon. The layer movement alters the physics to give the level fake difficulty. There's too many enemies to dodge at points and the end is so abrupt, I overshot the leek and fell into a pit. If I hadn't been godmoding with infinite jumping (the only way I could even beat this level), that would have been an annoying and unfair death. I would personally reject this level - Ztarwuff 27/09/2015

Link no work. -SAJewers | 18:31 ADT, November 6, 2015