It's lemmings.

Stuff done:

  • Add nukes and animate the candles.
  • Fix the second section.
  • Make a way to retry a puzzle without having to die.
  • Demo/Iris filter.
  • Explanation for the gimmick.
  • Respawning red coins.



  • Lemmings (SNES) - Stage 2 Theme

  • Lemmings (SNES) - Stage 4 Theme

Video Reviews




Judge #1 - sturgyman

  • 1st Lemming room, you can toss the mushroom block off-screen by accident and render the room impossible to pass. Place walls on the border of the room like not visible in the level, but placed in the 'grey' zone (non-level area). This way the mushroom block won't disappear.
  • 2nd Lemming room, you can get stuck behind the pillar with the Lemmings if you're an idiot. Though, it's nothing that will affect the level as you really need to be dumb to actually do it. 
  • Make sure there are walls that prevent the mushroom blocks from disappearing (although there's a pit in this room so I don't know how to get around that).
  • I also funny glitch where cat llama launched a Lemming into the wall and that counted as the Lemming getting to his destination.
  • I also found out in this level that the Lemming's generator doesn't generate the same amount of Lemmings each time.
  • By completing this level you automatically get a cat llama, I'm not sure if this was on purpose though...
  • 3rd Lemming Room, the corners missing look a tad ugly.
  • Last Lemming room, the SMB2 poles look a bit strange without any buttoms. Cut-off issue really.
  • Mushroom block walls apply here as well.
  • -Is the name of your level 'Just Rusty!' or 'Rusty'? Both the level file and wiki contradict each other on the name.
  • -For some reason my computer didn't really like this level since it lagged a lot for some reason (maybe all the Lemming npcs?).

-Other than that, this level is perfect. I would say it will be Accepted after some changes. Although, most of thie stuff I have said you can ignore, such as the Lemming generator varying in number.  -sturgyman

Thanks. Mentioned cutoff has been fixed and walls were added around every room. File name is now Willhart-JustRusty!.lvl to prevent confusion. -Willhart

Okay! This has my approval for the final game. -sturgyman 10:51 AM 7/3/2013 (MDT)

I approve.  Easy puzzle level.  The only thing I didn't like was making the jump back over in the second puzzle room if the player is Demo, but it is totally doable.  It's still fine as is.


✔ -SAJewers | 14:24 ADT, July 8, 2013