This is a relatively short and easy level where you walk on small bits of land held up by chains connected to a floating island.

Please don't judge me by the text that appears towards the secret exit; i'm normally a nice guy. I just couldn't resist making them like that.


  • 6.78 MB file size
  •  Has 2 exits;
  • SMB3 Standard Exit (main exit)
  • Key Exit (secret exit)
  • Has no Raocoins
  • Has no 1-ups
  • Has no character restrictions
  • Has no leeks
  • Has boss battle right before secret exit; normal exit doesn't even hint at there being a boss
    • Said boss also has a small puzzle-like element to it
  • Theme: "Grassy area right under a floating island".
  • Relatively short and somewhat easy
  • Big Boo sprite change not really noticeable in editor as much as during gameplay
  • Has custom graphics for score (Rainbow Score effect by GameMaster) and SMB2 Bob-Omb explosion (BAN Explosion by Mati)



Taken from the GFX Pack by Red Yoshi and supermarioman


Stage 3 - Team Fortress Arcade

Boss - Team Fortress Arcade

Rose at Twilight - NemesisTheory (as heard in Distorted Travesty)

Gentle Breeze - Trauma Center 2

To Do

  • Get this reviewed
  • Put up screenshot

Where is the secret area?

Text is backwards in order to ensure that nobody accidentally reads it, as it's kind of a spoiler.

.elbaod yleritne s'tI .smroftalp eht fo eno rednu pmuj ti gnikam dna skcirb hguone gniyortsed yb netaeb eb nac ssob ehT .ereht hctilg sllaw-hguorht-gniog eht mrofrep dna skcolb nworb fo llaw tsif eht tsap oG


67 minutes in

The boss is unclear. It's an invisible door that has to be guess. Make the goal more clear, and easier. All the player can see is a bunch of blocks to destory. Approved pending that change. Septentrion Euchoreutes (talk) 19:40, August 19, 2013 (UTC)

  • It should be noted all music will be credited in the credits, so no need to mention it in the level (it will be removed). -SAJewers | 17:08 ADT, August 19, 2013

I agree with Sept. in that the boss is kind of confusing. I thoought there was a door I had to find underneath the blocks, and not make him jump off the cliff. I would put lava where there are empty chasms as that would give a much better indication how to defeat the boss.

Approved after that small change. -sturgyman 12:16 PM 9/16/2013 (MDT)