NOVEMBER 11 2015 - MASSIVE UPDATE - Version 1.05

So I was originally going to give this level a face lift and fix a few minor things, but then I went all out and gutted it. The new version keeps what I think worked from the original: SMB2 vibe, sunny hill setting, and a couple of well-put together land masses and platforming sections. Everything that didn't work (Mothra, enemy spam, random enemy variety, overly vanilla graphics, a fairly pointless bonus room) was scrapped. Even the music is different, albeit another remix of the same song.

So.... if zmonbobo is still around and really wants to use his old version, then fine, but as it is, I'm claiming this to be the official version of Hillside Romp. For prosperity and comparison, here is the link to zmonbobo's version.


I'm taking this over. New version coming in a week. - WestonSmith (November 08 2015)

A "baby's first SMBX" level, based around long jumps and paratroopa hopping. This was an experiment, and I'm open to changing things if need be. I'm hoping to do bigger and better things for my next level, so I'd appreciate constructive criticism on this one.

Version 1.04 changes

-Fixed a few bugs

-Fixed blind jumps

-Reformatted music to fix A2MBXT guidelines

-Aesthetic tweaks

Version 1.03 changes

-Added custom music Super Mario Bros. 2 Overworld Theme (Qygen Remix) by Qygen

-Credited WestonSmith and Qygen with sign at level's end

Version 1.02 changes (edits and notes by WestonSmith)

-I changed the graphic on the wooden blocks to suit the level better

-I fixed the black background at the end of the level. It was unfinished on the last version.

-I changed the bonus room. What you had was perfectly fine, I just wanted to try an alternative.

-I changed the midpoint. The level felt lopsided to me, and I think the new spot (which isn't that far from the original) is a little more "right in the middle"

-I changed how the Lakitu spawn works slightly. Now, it should function after spawning at the midpoint (I don't believe the last version did this).

Version 1.01 changes:

-Fixed player 1 starting placement

-Changed SMB3 ending card to leek

-Edited bully section (they don't just waddle off the cliff anymore)

-Replaced SMW ninjis with SMB2 ninjis and edited platforms to make jump slightly more difficult

-Replaced ice flower with tanooki suit in bonus room

-Fixed unfair jump near midpoint

-Added a few various enemies

-Moved second lakitu back slightly and edited him so he'll only appear if first lakitu is killed


Tileset and BG Objects - Ultimate Graphics Pack

Background - WestonSmith (edited photo from Google Image Search)

Music - SMB2 Overworld: NoteBlock Remix (sped up)


Rejecting this level only because I don't know whether or not you'll come back to fix things (if you do, great):

  • Not the right folder structure
  • Level is too hard as sheath, and should be filtered out.
  • Just because you have a sign at the start of of the level doesn't excuse you from having a blue goopa right at the end.
  • No "Music is X" signs
  • Platforms need to extend 3 tiles offscreen
  • Midpoint tape should be extended 2 tiles wide using npc tags, not by placing the tape down twice.
  • Not enough powerups, especially in the second half, the only two you give are way too hard to get.
  • Level feels kinda visually boring.

-SAJewers | 22:06 ADT, November 1, 2015

  • Love the new version. Everything I complained about has been fixed. Approved. Only issue I have is where to slot this in. Is it too hard for world 1?

Approved by Pyro

Approved by duvi00 on a twitch stream