Character Sprites

Type Resources Concept Art
Player Characters Demo
Siblings Line-up
Uncles Original
Enemies Demobominations

General Replacement Graphics

Name Preview Replaces Download
ASMBXT Big Boos Big Boo Download
Keith Courage Zakkos Zakkos Switch Goombas Download
Smartball Mice SmartballMice Switch Goombas Download
Grocery Store Big Boo Big Boo Download
Golden Statues With Great Hair Capturegoldstatue SMB3 Bowser Statue Download
The Reimu-Mobile

(for Curtain Tortoise)

ReimuMobileAlso includes chainsaws. SMW Clown Car Download
Argumentable Castle Screen36 background2-24 (SMB3 Castle) Download

Graphic Packs

Name Preview Download
RedYoshi+supermarioman Pack download
TryLouBliss's GFX Pack download
Jaden1291's Graphics Pack download
D00d64's GFX Pack download
Kyo's Graphics Pack download
Food World download

Old Stuff

Graphics Replacements Completed

Filename and Download Link Image Completed by
peach-1 - peach-7 Screen2 darkychao
npc-263 Frozenenemies Willhart
background2-4 background2-48 background2-51 Willhart
egg hatch animations darkychao
effect-69 Willhart
Potential background2-24 & background2-41
npc-280-282 KingCharles Willhart
npc-201-202 Willhart

OW Frame


v3.1, v3.2


OW Frame Mockup 5
Joseph Staleknight

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