It's a level that's supposed to challenge you with the gourd.

By Lv27MarkerMMan also known as Lv27MarkerMan.


set point match from Mario Tennis

Downloaded from this site:

It's a good site if you want an mp3 from a popular game.

Level Info

1 SMB3 normal exit

volcano in the background

Judging MkII

This level needs work. I cannot accept it on its current condition. (I might not be good enough for the difficulty though).

  • Music has long silence between loops.
  • The two thwomps on pillars are pretty impossible to dodge without court on some characters. (Move the upwards.) Same for the banana snakes afterwards. You might want to give player an extra gourd before that area.
  • The area at the end feels way too spammy. The parakoopas and the wall of hammer bros/enemies forces you to not take any hits on the way there. I feel like gourd power is not strong enough to carry you to past that part.
  • I won't approve this level, but maybe someone else finds the difficulty on it more fun.


REJECTED - WestonSmith (November 10 2015)

REJECTED - The entire level is too spammy. Bosses take too many hits to be beatable even with gourd power. The level is also far too long for what it does. As for using Kood and raocow, it's crazy difficult with those two. Also, what on earth is the point of having a pyramid that goes so high the player has to go over the screen? - Ztarwuff 13/11/2015

Here Be Thy Judgement (EP1)

Approved. Not much else to say. Good jerb! - Weston Smith (July 17/2013)

Approved. This was not too bad if the player is patient. I'm hoping someone replaces the Bowser graphics someday. Willhart (talk) 03:45, September 19, 2013 (UTC)

While the gamplay is pretty simple, the overall level itself is pretty bland and repetitive. I would love it if you could put some scenery and more atmosphere, it would improve the level by a large margin.

Approved with some changes. -sturgyman 1:58 PM 9/19/2013 (MDT)