This is a two-exit 'Gate' level: aside from potentially being the first gate-type level in the game, there's not really too much to say about this thing.


Any changes recommended by people reviewing the level


-Really great level here, I barely found any errors.

-The star behind the barrier is already available at the beginning without collecting any big coins.

-The bullet shooters kind of blend with the background, making them hard to spot.

-The 2nd half of the level (going downward) is much, much easier than the climbing portion. If you have a leaf, which is likely, you can just float your way to the bottom without dealing with the obstacles on the way down while collecting dragon coins.

-How many stars will one need in order to get through the gate door? Final number?

-Once again, very good jo b on this level. It will be Accepted after some very minor fixes here and there.

--sturgyman 23:53, June 22, 2013 (MDT)

- Alright, the level file's been updated. Hopefully everything's up to scratch now.

[As for the door... I guess it'd just have to be changed to something that fit the level's eventual placement in the game]

Approved. I really like the graphics on this one and everything seems to be fixed. -Willhart

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