Title: Forgotten World That We Just Remembered (UPDATED)

Author: Cjn14

Number of Exits: 2 (SMB3 leek and key exit)

Music: It's a piano remix of "Lullaby of Deserted Hell" from Subterranean Animism, but I can't quite remember which circle it was made by. Hope this is okay

Custom Graphics Credits: Me

Player Restrictions: Limited to Demo and Iris, but I've placed my own filter at the beginning.

Raocoins: None

1-Ups: 2


  • Version 1.01: Fixed music not playing in second room (whoops, stupid mistake)
  • Version 1.02: Edited the temple backdrop to make it fit the level a bit more, added in suggestions from first batch of reviews, fixed unintentional solution to bomb puzzle, added character filter to allow only Demo and Iris in, made first portion of second room a bit more difficult, and fixed level name formatting.
  • Version 1.03: Final Version (Hopefully). Fixed any little problems I noticed remaining.
  • Version 1.04: Fixed music again because I'm stupid. Nothing else changed.
  • Version 1.05: Hopefully fixed the difficulty, theming, and powerup gripes the judges had. Thanks for the feedback guys!

Version 1.05 Download: Download


Approved by me. You may want to add an extra mushroom to the first section since that iceflower is somewhat hard to get to. I think it's good to have an extra hit when dealing with bombs. -Willhart

Agreeing wit Holy's Judgement that the enemy spam in the first room is way too much, and needs to be toned down. I'd also argue the two doughnut cannons are too much when you're also dealing with lakitu. Tone down the spam and 'll approve it. ---SAJewers | 18:31 ADT, July 4, 2013