Fearsome Foundry

A vertically scrolling stage that takes place in a factory setting, filled with bombs, fire, and several sharp objects. As the player climbs up the facility, they will encounter switch blocks, which often cause the player to retread ground, but with slight differences. (e.g. the same Fire Bar is passed twice, but the second time, the red switch is de-activated, which releases a Grinder into the area, thus changing the challenge slightly) As the level progresses, the level layout becomes more and more hectic and puzzle-like, culminating in an escape from the foundry by piloting a winged Kuribo's Shoe. Don't miss the 3-Up moon before collecting the leek!


  • Main level: "Field of the Machinae" - Xenoblade Chronicles
  • Sky: "Highwind Takes To The Skies" - Final Fantasy VII

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You use the blue boot, then don't even bother to filter it out. That's instant grounds for rejection. Also, too many places where you're eternally stuck by losing the boot. -SAJewers | 19:52 ADT, July 4, 2013

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