Farina Station is the World 2 town level for Episode 1 of A Second Mario Bros. X Thing, created by Joseph Staleknight. It is currently in version Beta 1.5. As it is a town level, there are no leeks, midpoints or Raocoins, only offscreen exits.

You can download it here.

Level Overview

Farina Station has played an important part in the history of the Planet of Preventable Forests. Sadly, now that its part is done, the town has faded back into obscurity (except for the most diehard historians and tourists) and low population counts. The town itself has a train station (hence the name) with a nearby ticket office and a 6-story library boasting all known subjects covered by the Dewey Decimal System. However, a combination of water damage and the weekly Book Club has rendered most of the library off limits, and the train station is mostly closed for repairs, save for a single railway line. The only accessible area in the library (other than the lobby) is the Leek Pillar Sanctuary on the top floor. Or is it...?

Also, the famous RaoCoin Bros. have stopped by!

Outside Assets and Modifications Used

  • While most sprites were created by the level designer with little or no reference to pre-installed ones, a few come mostly unmodified from Red Yoshi and supermarioman's SMBX Graphics Pack, as well as a few other resources:
    • SMB3 Style PM Mushroom Sign by Ancel3, modded into Library Sign.
    • SMB3 Wood by Ivy and Road Runner
    • SMB3 Wood Pipes by Road Runner
    • Train station background from Schwer-Muta's stage in Rosenkreuzstilette, tinted yellow to match the "Yellow Line" theme.
    • Elsen librarian from OFF (game)
    • All Talkhaus avatars from their respective owners
  • Music:
    • Library: "Love Is In The Air" from Yoshi's Story.
    • Train Station: Metal Shark Player's Theme from Megaman X6, arranged via MuseScore.


  • Version B1.5:
    • Fixed a potential gaffe where I accidentally made the desk toads into clones of Mikkofier. Mikkofier should now only replace npc-162 (the tall Rex).
    • Touched up GanonTEK so that he doesn't have a meaningless shadow.
    • Some sounds were changed in light of the new sound pack.
    • I also fixed a few problems brought up in the bugs doc. Among other things:
      • The elevator is now faster, pixel-perfect (as much as I could muster), and no longer a deadly trap;
      • The bushes no longer float over the grass;
      • The train tracks won't trap the player anymore; and
      • The language toad's typo has been fixed.
  • Version Beta 1 (B1):
    • Fixed Mikkofier's avatar.
    • Placed a leek altar just outside the library to make it easier for the player to find the sanctuary.
  • Version 3.0: Finalized the Leek Pillar Sanctuary for now.
  • Version 2.5:
    • Tweaked the Leek Pillar Sanctuary's levels in response to the Talkhaus discussion. Also added a section for tentative levels that may not be in the final listing.
    • Changed the music for the super-secret room.
    • Took out Maiku Wotaharu's cameo since his level got moved.
  • Version 2.24: Fixed another typo in the German text found by Ztarwuff.
  • Version 2.23: Minor fixes for typos pointed out by Dr. Shemp.
  • Version 2.22: Added a cameo for GanonTEK.
  • Version 2.21:
    • Rearranged the Leek Pillars to respond to the change in World 2's level order.
    • Edited the leek for this level to just read "Joseph Staleknight - Farina Station"
  • Version 2.2: Added a cameo for Narolas.
  • Version 2.18: Changed the music in the super secret room to the Item Room music.
  • Version 2.17:
    • Got rid of the pseudo-cameo for Minnakht (decided it was in bad taste)
    • A few other things I can't remember but which fortunately didn't break the level.
  • Version 2.15: Fixed some typos in the German text. Still could use someone to proofread it further, however.
  • Version 2.1:
    • Added a cameo for Mikkofier.
    • Got rid of some ultimately unnecessary events.
    • Finished the train station for now.
  • Version 2.0:
    • Added a pseudo-cameo for Minnakht, referencing the fact that his actual cameo is in World 4.
    • Made significant progress on the train station.
    • Changed the reward for talking to the RaoCoin Bros. to a green beet as per Minnakht's suggestion.
  • All versions between 1.0 and 2.0:
    • Added a cameo for MonkeyShrapnel.
    • Started work on a possible auto-scrolling train station section.
    • Changed the midpoint post graphics to be more like library security gates.
    • Removed "Eternitybox" due to file-size concerns.
    • Reordered some levels in the Sanctuary as per IRC.
    • Added a recall system to the elevator.
      • Fixed a bug with the elevator recall.
    • Added a cameo for Isrieri.
    • Added a cameo for Docopoper.
      • Corrected Docopoper's cameo.
    • Added a generous Toad on the first floor.
      • Modded the Generous Toad into giving respawning cacti.
    • Added a cameo for Maiku Wotaharu and a hint for his level This Sounds Accurate.
    • Fixed some bugs and added a warp reference for the World Intro.
    • Added player blocks near the power-ups.
      • Consolidated the player change blocks to a single space and moved the Christmas tree so that the player doesn't pick it up by accident.
    • Changed the filename for easier reference.
    • Set up the Leek Pillar Sanctuary for SAJewers's sake.
    • Added the Toad NPCs to override the default graphics that are going to be modified.
    • Added a couple of hints for Minnakht's Grand Trunk Arena at his request.
    • Fixed some typos and narrative errors
  • Version 1.0: First version submitted to ASMBXT Wiki.

Known Bugs and Issues

  • The Toad at the Sanctuary may occasionally disappear.
  • The maximum number of events (~101 events) has been reached. As such, there will be no more events until I get rid of some pointless ones. Managed to get rid of roughly 2-3 events.
  • The German text for Spiritia at the train station might not be grammatically accurate. Proofreading would be appreciated.

Further Plans

  • Bug fixes and changes based on commentary.
  • If there are concerns about the ZIP file size, either try to reduce the size of "Eternitybox" or find a less bulky song. Brinstar Item Room SM64 Cave (with new music) is a very good replacement.
  • Finish the autoscrolling train station section. Decided not to make it autoscroll just yet at all. Still, the station's open for business!
  • Cameos?(??)
  • DONE: See if any of the proposed changes to the level layout in the Talkhaus discussion come to pass Pimp Yo Ride makes it to the level list and/or Grand Trunk Arena is allowed to stay after all, and change the Sanctuary as necessary.

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